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Yuzu Elderflower (6 pack) 2:1 CBD


Yuzu Elderflower (6 pack) 2:1 CBD

  • Edible
  • Cbd | 12mg


Super chill, a little tart, and extremely limited. We don't know about you, but we're thrilled about this CANN x Sundae School collab (#bffgoals). The Yuzu Elderflower social tonic is the first of its kind as part of Cann's new Reserve launch.

It even tastes expensive, boasting an unparallel flavor and ultra-rare ingredients. Thanks to the synergistic effects of CBD and THC, you can count on this 2:1 beverage to keep things fun and vibey.

2mg THC + 4mg CBD per can. 12mg THC + 24mg CBD total.


We put cannabis in a can because you deserve an alternative to alcohol that gives you a similar buzz as alcohol, with no hangover, a third of the calories, and 5 simple ingredients. 

Cann has the potency of a light beer or a glass of wine, so you can enjoy cannabis the same way you would alcohol. It's approachable, shareable, and allows you to control the level of "high" you feel. Have one or two if you just want a little buzz, or keep going until you reach your desired vibe. 

Welcome to the future of socializing, we're excited to be buds.