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Sour Blueberry (2 pack)


Sour Blueberry (2 pack)

  • Edible
  • Indica | 10mg



Founded in 2010, Wana Brands is one of the original edibles manufacturers in the United States.

Our “enhance your life” tagline reflects our belief that cannabis can be a life enhancing experience whether it is being used for health and wellness or recreational purposes.

We offer a portfolio of products that are consistent , potent, and delicious in a range of classes (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid) and THC/CBD ratios to enable our customers to find the perfect Wana product for their needs and preferences.

Wana Brands is privately held, and is one of only a handful of marijuana-infused production companies that is woman owned.

Our mission is to help our customers enhance their lives physically, creatively, and emotionally through responsible use of cannabis.

Our passion for the cannabis plant and its potential has driven our investment in research and innovation of new products in order to enhance the overall effectiveness and experience for our customers.

Whether it is formulating new CBD/THC ratios, infusing our products with enhanced terpene blends, developing new onset and duration times, or offering different dosage options, Wana Brands is continuously expanding our range of products to customize our customers’ experience.