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Electric Lemonade

Creme Genetics

Electric Lemonade

  • Flower
  • Sativa | 3.5g | 23%

For days that you find yourself needing an extra push, Electric Lemonade has you covered. With notes of tangy lemon and sweet berry, this flower is a sticky sweet treat to get your mind and body ready to tackle the day. This tall "drink" of flowery goodness packs sensations of euphoria and creativity, aiding in uplifting your mood, energy, and focus. Work this flower into your daily routine for an extra morning boost, or keep it handy for when you know you could use a little something just about right now.

Creme Genetics

Our mission is to elevate the community through safe & sustainable cannabis - thank you for being a part of this!

Whether you need a wake-n-bake, an afternoon treat or a night cap, our four packs of infused pre-rolls come in 4 varieties so that you can always find a pre-roll that suits your lifestyle best.

Each cone is hand-made with love by our passionate staff.

They're packed with our in-house flowers that were grown using methods that help reduce our carbon foot-print, then dipped in honey-like distillate, followed by a generous dusting of golden kief, then finally packaged in our 100% recyclable boxes & reusable doob tubes.

Now sit back, relax and take a hit knowing you're doing something good yourself & the planet!

Together, let's RISE TO THE TOP!

Stay (up)lifted.