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Shady Cakes (DUPLICATE)

Creme Genetics

Shady Cakes (DUPLICATE)

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Creme Genetics

Our mission is to elevate the community through safe & sustainable cannabis - thank you for being a part of this!

Whether you need a wake-n-bake, an afternoon treat or a night cap, our four packs of infused pre-rolls come in 4 varieties so that you can always find a pre-roll that suits your lifestyle best.

Each cone is hand-made with love by our passionate staff.

They're packed with our in-house flowers that were grown using methods that help reduce our carbon foot-print, then dipped in honey-like distillate, followed by a generous dusting of golden kief, then finally packaged in our 100% recyclable boxes & reusable doob tubes.

Now sit back, relax and take a hit knowing you're doing something good yourself & the planet!

Together, let's RISE TO THE TOP!

Stay (up)lifted.