• Flower
  • Hybrid | 3.5g | 28.06%


"What kind of shark are you?" The iconic Tiger Shark.

Although bold hunters, Tiger Sharks are generally calm and friendly creatures. Because their behavior can range from chill & solitary to curious & aggressive, we chose MAC 1 to represent the Tiger Shark thanks to its primarily peaceful yet versatile effects. 


  • Calm
  • Friendly
  • Ferocious appetite 

Life is full of unavoidable, tedious tasks. Some call it the rat race, but we call it bullshit. We are Dropout Cannabis Co - a collective of dropouts, botanists, creators, and entrepreneurs that believe in pursuing your passions and not letting anything hold you back.

We left our typical mundane life behind to bring you the best in cannabis. We want our products to inspire you to do more and dream bigger.

By doing small batch harvesting, we've reduced the time it takes to get from our farm to your lips by over 60%. This means your cannabis is fresher and will stay fresher, longer. Old products being sold to consumers has become a rampant problem in this industry. Flower goes from farm to distributor to retailer to customer and at each transition the flower sits there for too long. This isn't fair to the consumer and we're here to put an end to that.