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Champagne Toast

Northern Emeralds

Champagne Toast

  • Flower
  • Hybrid | 3.5g | 27%

Driven by passion and innovative methodology, Northern Emeralds is a Humboldt-based collective of farmers and craftspeople that prides itself on growing the best cannabis in California. 

Their deep knowledge of the plant results in only the highest quality yield of flower, including Champagne Toast, a premium hybrid strain for daytime relief. Euphoric, outgoing, and potent without lingering lethargic effects. It's a flower worth clinking to. Cheers!

Good for:

  • A game of Monopoly
  • DIY sommelier test
  • Listening to records


Strain Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Unknown

Flavor: Champagne, Floral, Pine

Effects: Relaxed, Uplifting, Tingly

Uses: Soothing aches & pains, Alleviating stress, Stimulating conversation

Northern Emeralds

The idea is to grow the best possible version of the plant, to serve the intent of the seed, to cultivate the highest quality cannabis achievable.

An ever-evolving, innovative methodology — carried out by a smart, thoughtful, passionate collective of experienced farmers and craftspeople — serves this idea.

Drawing from a rich history and deep knowledge driven by a tireless curiosity and work ethic, Northern Emeralds strives to grow the best cannabis in California.