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Grape Sorbet (1g)


Grape Sorbet (1g)

  • Vape
  • Hybrid | 1g | 85.3%

Flash sale to clear inventory! Please note that the best by date on this product is 3/23/2021.

Grab your spoons because dessert is officially served. Grape Sorbet is a happy hybrid with creamy notes of berry and a hint of grape. It's a little tangy, a little earthy, and perfectly well rounded. Recommended for lifting away stress without feeling couch-locked.

*Compatible with the ZOFO Flight Stick only*


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With a team of master extractors, engineers, and designers ZOFO is born from industry experts in cannabis technology. Backed by years of engineering and unrivaled hardware, our team sought out to develop oils comparable to our technology. In our pursuit for the greatest, we crafted cannabis in its purest form.

Ultra-Premium THC Oils in their purest form.

Our products are full spectrum THC oils with zero additives. Zero cutting agents, and zero bleaching agents. Manufactured in a proprietary multi step extraction process by master extractors.

Our proprietary multi-step refinement, extraction and testing process leaves us with the highest grade, purest oils available. Trust the process, purity over everything.