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All-natural ingredients, certified zero pesticides, and gluten free; Kanha meets you wherever you are on your cannabis journey and gives you a taste of bliss. This bogo pack has a gummy for all moments in life! Pop a Pink Guava before you start your daily chores for an uplifting sativa boost. Grab a juicy Watermelon and sit down for some gaming with friends. Spice up your night with some Fuego Fruit Cup and just chillax. When you're ready to call it a day, chew on a tasty Blue Raspberry Tranquility for a satisfyingly sweet calm, formulated to give you a restful night's sleep.

  • Pink Guava | Sativa | Kanha | Edible | Sativa | 100mg

  • Watermelon Gummies | Kanha | Edible | Hybrid | 100mg

  • Fuego Fruit Cup | Spicy | Kanha | Edible | Indica | 100mg

  • Tranquility 1:1:1 | Kanha | Edible | Hybrid | 50mg

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