Kanha Confection Kit


You know what's better than edibles? Edibles that use nanomolecular technology so you can feel the effects faster. 

Kanha does that for you in their Tangerine Twist and Galactic Grape Nano Gummies. Stock up this season with precisely-dosed gummies that use all-natural ingredients. 

The Kanha Confection Kit includes:

  • Tangerine Twist Nano Gummies (S) | 100mg | Kanha

  • Galactic Grape Nano Gummies (I) | 100mg | Kanha

  • Watermelon Gummies (H) | 100mg | Kanha

  • Strawberry Gummies (I) | 100mg | Kanha

  • Cherry Gummies (S) | 100mg | Kanha

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