But First, Let Me Smoke a Selfies


These fun sized prerolls weigh in at .25g each. No need to relight a half smoked joint, as these are perfectly dosed for a quick on-the-go smoke sesh. Share them with friends or hide them in your pocket for yourself; These fashionable mini joints are selfie-worthy and guaranteed to spark joy and elevate your everyday life.

This bundle includes:

  • The Lime | 12 Pack (Sativa)

  • Superglue | 12 Pack (Hybrid)

  • Violet Ice | 12 Pack (Indica)

  • Citrus Circus | Infused 12 Pack (Sativa)

  • Gelato Crunch | Infused 12 Pack (Hybrid)

  • Ice Cream Cake | Infused 12 Pack (Indica)

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