Selfies Supreme Sampler


Mini-preroll lovers, this sampler pack is for you! Selfies are perfectly small enough for a solo smoke sesh. Highlighting indica, hybrid, and sativa strains, we recommend keeping these flashy joints near and dear for any moment that calls for one. Add to your cart today and get a FREE Selfies ashtray :) 

Selfies Supreme Sampler includes:

  • Violet Ice | 12-Pack Preroll (I) | 3g | Selfies

  • Superglue | 12-Pack Preroll (H) | 3g | Selfies

  • The Lime | 12-Pack Preroll (S) | 3g | Selfies

  • 2x The Lime | 2-Pack Preroll (S) | .5g | Selfies

  • Selfies Ashtray | Accessory

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