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Bellini (Budder)
Sativa Hybrid1g91.99%

4.9/57 reviews


A few puffs of this budder transports us to being outside in the sweet sun of an Italian afternoon, peach Bellini in-hand of course. This strain promotes blissful Sativa effects in syrupy citrus notes provided by its generous amounts of Myrcene, Pinene, and Limonene. Puff into juicy elevation that quenches and leaves us floating through waves of relaxation, euphoria, and mood-boost. Bellini sweetens any afternoon, but one too many, and users may find themselves a little, over-zested. We recommend enjoying this strain during the day for supreme creativity and bliss, but proceed with caution for the best effects (: 

Badder/Batter/Budder: is a terpene-enhancing, cannabis extract with a consistency ranging from thick frosting to a room-temperature butter texture caused by whipping ‘Shatter’ on a hot plate.

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