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Durban Cleaner (Diamonds)

Ocean Cannabis Co

Durban Cleaner (Diamonds)

  • Concentrate
  • Sativa | .5g | 99.90%


Hey you, sativa enthusiast. We know how much you enjoy staying productive on your busy days. Good news, we have just the concentrate for that -- Durban Cleaner Diamonds by Ocean Cannabis Co. 

Recommended uses:

  • Going on an adventure
  • Squeezing in a workout
  • Maybe finally cleaning the house like you said you would

Honestly, we don't care what you do, but we promise you'll feel pumped while doing it. 

Ocean Cannabis Co

Like you, Ocean Cannabis Co wants a healthy planet and clean oceans.

But unfortunately, single-use plastic packaging has made a clean ocean seem like a dream. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the cannabis industry, with multiple layers of packaging needed to satisfy the legal requirements. We see the results every day as we walk our beaches filled with single-use plastic packaging that has washed ashore. Single-use packaging is a monster that has grown so big and is a formidable villain to overcome by oneself.

By using plastic in our packaging that has been reclaimed from the ocean, we want to empower millions of cannabis users to join together and help clean our oceans that are littered with plastic. Ocean Cannabis Co commits to continue making the highest quality, highest testing products available, using only the best flower, cannabis oils and concentrates on the market. We are also committed to using recycled ocean plastic and recycled materials in our packaging. With your help, we can “Smoke the Ocean Clean” and make our planet a better, healthier place. Become an ocean hero today!