Caramel Cashew Granola Bites

3.8/55 reviews


Curator Review: It’s a sweet relief to get a break from the typical edible gummy or chocolate. The packaging is really lovely to look at and has a QR code to lead you to in-depth testing results. I love that these are dairy and gluten-free, and was excited to see they use full-spectrum rosin, rather than the distillate many edible companies opt for.

Ingredients were very clean and the sugar content was low. These granola bars really hit the spot and were perfect for my morning regime. The texture had a nice granola chew to them, and the caramel cashew perfectly complemented the mild cannabis flavor. Effects were beautifully uplifting and a great addition to my morning walk. These are a perfect option for a nice wake-and-bake session.

Curator Score: 4.17

Customer Score: 3.5

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