Dark Chocolate Hazelnut


Dark Chocolate Hazelnut

  • Edible
  • Indica_hybrid | 80mg


Bite-sized clusters of dark chocolate and hazelnut baked with earthy undertones of cinnamon and salt could easily be our new smores. Promoting mindfulness and an uplifted mood, you can make for a soothing fall afternoon by portioning each cluster to your liking. We know they taste like a treat you could 'accidentally' down a sleeve of, but take them slowly and you’ll be feeling sensations of evenness and balance.

10mg of THC per serving. Please wait at least 60-90 minutes before consuming more. :)

*Food allergy notice: Contains tree nuts*


Atlas is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and cannabis to provide a consistent, safe and delicious experience that you can enjoy and rely on.

We use full spectrum rosin because we believe in the power of the plant. 

Created by chefs, Atlas products are made to rival the flavors and trends of the food industry, in turn elevating the Edible category as a whole. Our products are made by hand by people that care. You can feel good that each bite, gulp, splash, chew and swallow is delicious and triple tested for consistent dosing. Enjoy!

Delicious food combined with the best quality cannabis.