Sativa Hashtab | 4 Pack


Sativa Hashtab | 4 Pack

  • Edible
  • Sativa | 103mg


Need a discrete way to energize your day? Level has you covered :) These Sativa Hashtab each contain 25mg of THC, so be prepared for a powerful uplifting and happy experience. Made with cold water hash, these Sativa Edibles are a must have if you need relief from mood swings or fatigue.

Recommended Dosage: 1 tablet = 25mg of THC

Good for:

  • Video games
  • Stress relief
  • Coffee replacement

Experience a Whole New LEVEL of You.

Level is a science-driven cannabis company on the cutting edge of cannabinoid research and innovation. We transform unique, targeted effects-based cannabis into swallowable and sublingual tablets. So, whether you're looking to focus on a project, get a good night's sleep, prevent a hangover, relieve stress, or soothe aches and pains - LEVEL has a unique cannabinoid product for that.

Vegan. Gluten-free. Sugar-free. Calorie-free.