Fruit Gummies

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Non-GMO. Real fruit. Nothing Artificial.

1 gummy = 10 mg Δ-9-THC

Oasis' Fruit Gummies are sweet and hefty edibles that make for an excellent Sunday morning high. The result is balanced and occasionally energizing. You can expect to feel uplifted and buzzy in the brain, so consider running a bath or indulging in a cooking experiment.


Gelatin, sugar, glucose, citric acid, plant based concentrated food coloring, water, cornstarch.

  • [Peach gummies: peach puree, all natural peach extract]
  • [Watermelon gummies: watermelon compound, watermelon extract]
  • [Lemon lime gummies: lime puree, all natural lemon lime extract]
  • [Pineapple gummies: pineapple puree, all natural pineapple extract]
  • [Blood orange gummies: all natural blood orange extract & concentrated blood orange flavor]

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