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Cacao Keto Bites 1:1 - 20 pk


Cacao Keto Bites 1:1 - 20 pk

  • Edible
  • Hybrid | 100mg


Pantry's Cacao Keto Bites 1:1 THC/CBD - 20 bites.

These bite sized keto chocolates are carefully crafted with cocoa butter, cacao powder, and lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. Low-glycemic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% guilt-free.

1 bite = 5 mg THC + 5 mg CBD

1 package = 100 mg THC + 100 mg CBD


We're rethinking plant-based wellness.

Pantry is a food brand that looks to bridge the world of the culinary arts with cannabis wellness. At Pantry, we believe that the cannabis plant is a natural wellness product that should be paired with real food that additionally promotes your health and well-being. 

Each of our recipes is tirelessly crafted by chefs after sourcing only premium, high-quality ingredients with maximum flavor. The ingredients list is always kept simple so that you can simply enjoy!