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Animal Grahams (14g)
Indica Hybrid14g24.37%

3.7/53 reviews


Animal Grahams is a syrupy sweet combination of Grape Pie and Animal Cookies promoting heavy-hitting Indica effects known for putting users Indi-clouds. This strain packs a spicy berry pallet that seeps into the senses and leaves a tingling trail of elevated effects behind upon release. Each puff sinks you deeper into its sticky-Indica grip that releases body-tension and provides mood-boost in waves of supreme relaxation. Seasoned and curious users can expect this strain to pack a potent punch that oozes over the whole body and eases a busy mind. Animal Grahams is perfect for those searching for potent pain-alleviation, effortless tranquility, or maybe just a few hours of floating in the clouds.

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