Cream of the CropFlower

Indica Hybrid3.5g29.84%

4.8/59 reviews


Gelana is making all of our ice-cream-sundae dreams come true by infusing Banana OG with creamy scoops of Gelato and topping it all with a syrupy drizzle of Indica effects. This strain blankets the senses in velvety sensations of relaxation, body tingling, sleepiness, and a calm mind. Gelana is a great go-to for users searching for relaxation at the end of the day that effortlessly washes away stress and keeps the mood light and easy as rest sets in. As much as this strain makes us want to curl up in our blankets for a deep hibernation, Gelana is also sweet in smaller doses that alleviate minor aches and provide overall body-tension release.

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