Renegades Of Funk

Cream of the Crop

Renegades Of Funk

  • Flower
  • Indica_hybrid | 3.5g | 35.01%


We’ve been itching for something new and against the grain, and Renegades of Funk is encouraging us to ditch the classics and smoke outside-of-the-box. Jet Fuel Gelato and GMO combine in a strain that infuses the moment with a funky mix of elevating and deeply relaxing Indica-dominant effects. Renegades of Funk is ushering in cool effects of tension-release, mood-boost, and body tingling that eases you into a sweet sense of balance and bliss. This strain is the perfect Indica to elevate the movement with supreme potency and vibrant effects that can be productive or take you to the clouds depending on how you roll it.


Strain Type: Indica Hybrid

Genetics: Jet Fuel Gelato and GMO

Flavor: Pine, Fruity

Effects: Body Tingling, Relaxation

Uses: Tension release, Mood boost, Insomnia

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