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Velvet Pie
Indica Hybrid3.5g29.95%

4.8/511 reviews


Velvet Pie is introducing a fine-smoking experience to the nug-game with a dreamy dusting of velvety trichomes and the smoothest herbal-flavored terpenes. This Indica-leaning strain promotes a soothing and euphoric experience that is easily buildable and enjoyed equally by new and seasoned users. Velvet Pie entices the senses with earthy notes of herbs and woods and draws you into balancing and mood-lifting effects that linger without mind-fog. Velvet Pie is a delicate mix of Velvet Cookies and Black Cherry Pie that is perfect for relaxing the body and bringing your mind out to play. We recommend Velvet Pie for winding down the day, sunsets, and creating. 

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