Spyrock OG

Henry's Original

Spyrock OG

  • Flower
  • Hybrid | 3.5g | 20.25%


Grown with heirloom Mendocino genetics from the legendary Spyrock area, this strain combines a classic diesel nose and fresh pine flavor, with a slightly peppery finish.

This sativa-heavy hybrid imbues a deep body relaxation, yet uplifting and energetic cerebral effects.

Good for meditation, relaxation, enhancing mood, appetite, creativity and focus, this is a social, happy high without the hyperactivity effect found in some sativa strains.

Henry's Original


Henry’s Original is proud to cultivate cannabis in small batches, using sustainable and organically based methods to grow premium, clean green certified flower on seven proprietary farms in Mendocino County.  

Clean Green Certified is a program based on existing national and international agricultural standards, to certify cannabis that is cultivated using sustainable, natural and organic practices. Henry’s Original is one of only a few cultivators to earn this certification in California, due to the rigorous requirements and testing standards.