Orange Creamsicle


Orange Creamsicle

  • Flower
  • Hybrid | 3.5g | 19.20%


If you’re looking for that summertime feel all year round, Smooth might have a solution :) Orange Creamsicle is a cross of Orange Crush with Juicy Fruit, and will offer you a euphoric and relaxing experience. With citrus and vanilla flavors, this Hybrid flower is a perfect choice if you need relief from inflammation or arthritis.

Good for:

  • Listening to records
  • Netflix & chill
  • Painting


Welcome to our Lost Coast farm, where we are cannabis enthusiasts! Our state of the art greenhouses provide the best of both worlds for our plants.

Our 20,000+ sq ft of canopy uses the freely available and abundant light of the ultimate source, the sun. It is what these plants have been accustomed to growing under for thousands of years and, with a fully automated light deprivation system, we control the perfect amount of light required for a consistent crop each and every time.

We care very deeply about our consumers and the future of our planet. In doing so we continue to take every possible step to ensure the cannabis we produce not only meets, but exceeds all sustainable cultivation standards in the industry.

You may rest assured that the end result is the cleanest, smoothest cannabis on the market. Period.