Short Cake

Triple 7

Short Cake

  • Flower
  • Indica | 3.5g | 32%


A great name to call a strain, a not-so-great name to call your partner! From Triple 7, Short Cake is a cross of Juliet with Strawberry Diesel, and is known for its talkative and focused effects. With herbal and berry flavors, this Indica flower is a great pick if you need relief from mood swings or fatigue.

Good for:

  • Meditation 
  • Star gazing
  • Evening walks

Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene

Triple 7

Handcrafted by Evergreen Cultivation & Distribution in Los Angeles, house brand TRIPLE SEVEN is renowned as some of the finest cannabis in the world. TRIPLE SEVEN Wedding Cake is the reigning High Times Cannabis Cup champion for Best Indoor Indica…so I guess you could say you’ve just hit the jackpot!


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