Triple 7


  • Flower
  • Sativa | 3.5g | 23.76%


You just hit the jackpot; Triple 7 holds their cannabis to the utmost standards, delivering consistent results time and time again. 

This jumping Jack Herer descendant is crossed with Skunk #1, resulting in a pungent, uplifting experience that delivers clear-headed effects. J1’s high energy is, well, energetic, though this strain’s hybrid terpenes won’t send you into space. Pack a bowl and pick a creative project—J1 pairs well with a paint session or an abstract convo.

Triple 7

Handcrafted by Evergreen Cultivation & Distribution in Los Angeles, house brand TRIPLE SEVEN is renowned as some of the finest cannabis in the world. TRIPLE SEVEN Wedding Cake is the reigning High Times Cannabis Cup champion for Best Indoor Indica…so I guess you could say you’ve just hit the jackpot!


Our Cannabis is at the uppermost end of the quality spectrum, and our strains are unwavering in consistency. By using only chemical-free water and rich, organic soil amendments, we’ve gone above and beyond the highest industry standards to cultivate the best strains that deliver every time.


Because we are constantly in pursuit of excellence, we are able to produce a wide range of cannabis strains that meet a very high level of reliability and consistency. Our commitment to industry best practices – from cultivation to genetics – is immediately evident in all of our products.