The Glove #20 (5 pack)

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Cookies and Gary Payton have collaborated on a Hall of Fame Hybrid subbing in supreme potency to switch up the game. The Y and Snowman strains have teamed up in crystalline and rainbow nugs that produce a supreme sense of body elevation that lasts long into over-time. The Glove #20 puts our heads in the clouds and sends our senses spinning with robust flavor and building waves of effects that seasoned smokers will find themselves surprised by. We recommend this strain for users with a higher tolerance and a love for middle-ground effects. The Glove doesn't play around when it comes to intensity and quality or as he put it- ‘‘I'm just trying to make a great product, and that’s all I do.’. We couldn't have described it better ourselves, Gary. The Glove #20 pairs well with movies, games, views, or coloring books with dreamy visuals or focusing-projects and activities. 

5 pre-rolls per pack.

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