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Imagine | 9 Pack

Lola Lola

Imagine | 9 Pack

  • Preroll
  • Sativa | 3.6g | 29%


Oh, so these are what Lennon was singing about. Lola Lola makes prerolls blended with the results in mind, and this Imagine 9-pack is full of free-thinking effects. Delivering cerebral, productive energy, this pack is the bulk answer to creativity on demand. Imagining is easy if you try, but it’s even easier with these prerolls.

Good for:

  • Brainstorming
  • Tackling to-dos
  • Jamming to tunes

29% THC + 1.3% CBD

Lola Lola

Contrary to what some believe, Lola Lola was not in fact created by two women named Lola. In actuality, the brand was born in 2015 from the minds and hearts of a father, son, and lifelong family friend who shared a deep-rooted belief in the healing power of cannabis and a desire to tear down the stigma associated with its use.

Though a whole lot has changed since then, a few things have remained the same- our love for each other, for the vision, and for this magical plant. The product that you’ve just received from us is much more than meets the eye... it’s the manifestation of all the love and hard work we’ve put into our brand over the last 5 years. At whatever point in your journey this finds you, we sincerely hope that it elevates your ambitions, inspires you to stand in your greatness, and brings you everything you need to feel good.