Baklava (5 Pack)


Baklava (5 Pack)

  • Preroll
  • Hybrid | 2.5g | 24.41%


Bet you can’t guess what dessert we’ll recommend with this strain. From Loudpack, Baklava is a cross of Gelato with Kosher Kush, and is known for its energetic and focused effects. With citrus and berry flavors, these Hybrid prerolls are a perfect pick if you need to manage fatigue or stress.

Good for:

  • Pool parties
  • Cloud gazing
  • Creative cooking

Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool


The perfect microdose. Our edibles are made from our high quality, California grown cannabis. We ensure all our doses are consistent and controllable, producing a dependable high and allowing you the flexibility to create your own experience - one mint to take the edge off or multiple to enhance the high.