Gelato Crunch | Infused 12 Pack

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Curator Review: The packaging is sleek, trendy, and conveniently compact. The opening mechanism is a little tough, but luckily there are clear directions on the back that, if followed correctly, will lead you to successfully opening the childproof packaging with minimal frustration. Inside are 12 tiny prerolls, all perfectly rolled and uniform in size.

A lovely aroma of vanilla with sweet earthy tones immediately saturates your senses. Intended for a single-use “quick” high, the burn was even with no signs of canoeing. Slightly warm on the lips due to the small size, but still a perfect smoke. The smoking session was very smooth, with no cough or throat burn.

Effects were heavy for this little preroll, most likely due to the crumble infusion. I had a swarm of warm and happy feelings overtake me as I floated into blissful relaxation. I was worried the tiny preroll wouldn’t be enough for me, but it was a perfect serving for one. Great for sharing with friends and discreet enough to toss in your bag before facing the day – these prerolls are something I could see myself using regularly!

Curator Score: 4.2

Customer Score: 4.6

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