Ice Cream Cake | Infused 12 Pack


Ice Cream Cake | Infused 12 Pack

  • Preroll
  • Indica | 3g | 31%


Feeling salty? Let Selfies put some sweet on you with their 12 pack of mini prerolls. Ice Cream Cake is a pleasant indica, melting aches, pains, and worries like ice cream on a hot day. This Wedding Cake x Gelato 33 tastes like vanilla and sweet dough, the perfect cherry on top to a day well-lived. If 24 hours is a meal, this is the after dinner dessert. Oh yeah, they're also infused with crumble. Mmmmmm :)

Good for:

  • Beauty sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Movie night

About Us: Before SELFiES, we dreamed of a joint we wouldn't have to put out, relight, or waste after a few puffs. Better yet, a convenient pack that would fit perfectly into our on-the-go lifestyles, without cramping our style. The idea formed: create the first functional, fashionable mini joint.

Our Mission: Whether you're shopping for a friend, a solo sesh, or for a new kind of 12-Pack to bring to the party, life could use more fun sized moments. We believe that by presenting cannabis in a shareable, pocket-friendly format, we create more opportunities for you to spark joy & elevate everyday life. We have made the SELFiES packaging as loud & proud as we think everyone should feel while enjoying cannabis unapologetically. Go ahead and #shareSELFIES!