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Cherry AK (Infused)
Sativa Hybrid3.5g20.67%

4.4/53 reviews


Cherry AK is a berry-blasted phenotype of AK-47 that produces potent Sativa-Hybrid effects of euphoria and deep relaxation. Each pre-roll emits notes of cherry, blackberries, and raspberries upon exhale that satisfy our sweet tooth with fresh-fruit flavor for change. This sweet strain works its way through the body by elevating the mind with initial bliss that fades into heavy relaxation and euphoria that keeps the moment elevated and easy. Cherry AK can send the mind on a bit of an adventure, so make sure to keep entertainment handy. No matter where its effects take you, this strain never clouds the mind producing a high that’s as potent as it is mind-clearing. We recommend this strain for creative projects, tackling to-do lists, diving deep into our favorite shows, and staying present but lifted with friends.

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