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Purple Berry | Infused 5 Pack
Indica Hybrid3.5g38.39%

4/51 review


Stone Road’s got you covered in earth-friendly class with this fully-recyclable 5-pack. Each of these high-potency prerolls is infused with solventless ice water hashish, delivering deeply calming, sleepy effects. Purple Berry, aka “a grape”, is an indica hybrid originating from Grandaddy Purple x Blueberry, giving you leisure like a Roman reclining on a chaise longue and demanding someone ‘peel you a grape’. There’s that grape again. Anyways, Purple Berry will whisper sweet nuttiness in your ear, relaxing you like a regal with its sweet berry wine flavor. 

2.75g flower + .75g hashish per preroll.

5 prerolls per container.

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