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Strawberry Banana | Infused 5 Pack
Indica Hybrid3.5g33.19%


So does the strawberry have banana inside, or does the banana have strawberry? Asking for a friend. This Strawberry Banana Infused 5-pack from Stone Road contains 5 expertly-rolled prerolls, each infused with solventless ice water hashish (sheeeeeesh!). Originating from a cross of Banana Kush x Strawberry Bubble Gum, this indica has deliciously sweet and fruity flavors. These high-potency prerolls deliver calm, uplifting effects that will juice your creativity and open your mind. The strawberry and the banana are each other. You are the spoon.

2.75g flower + .75g hashish per preroll.

5 prerolls per container.

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