Lady Benbow | Full Spectrum


Lady Benbow | Full Spectrum

  • Tincture
  • Hybrid | 160mg


Taking its name from a section of the famous Emerald Triangle, this Hybrid tincture from Chemistry aims to relax and refresh you! Lady Benbow has a strong dose of CBD in each dropper, and with a bit of CBN and THC mixed in too, this tincture will help relieve body aches and insomnia.

Dosage: 1 dropper = 12.1mg of CBD + 5.4mg of CBN + 5mg of THC


From Farm to Inhale.

CURATED by CHEMISTRY is a line of premium hand-picked flower lovingly grown under the sun by our close friends at Northern California’s leading craft farms. We’ve gone straight to the source after years of extracting small batch, regenerative cannabis to bring you the best Cali sun-grown on the market.


Moon Made Farms is a female-owned regenerative farm in Humboldt County at the heart of the Emerald Triangle. The Sun+Earth and DEM Pure certified farm adheres to age-old heritage cultivation practices guided by lunar cycles. Moon Made’s sun-grown cannabis embodies the biodiverse essence of the land.