Forbidden Fruit | Uno Full Spectrum


Forbidden Fruit | Uno Full Spectrum

  • Vape
  • Indica | .5g | 73.5%


Requires Uno CCELL Battery for Use

Thou shalt find thyself in a high vibrational state of being after vaping this indica-dominant hybrid. But just like a bite of the Forbidden Fruit from that infamous tree, ye shall come crashing back down to Earth. Chillaxed on the couch. Enlightened in a haze of tropical goodness.

The UNO has landed, and CCELL checked all the boxes with this powerful yet elegant little device. What makes this pod system different? Its ceramic atomizer allows for a clean inhale so you can truly enjoy Chemistry's terp rich, full-spectrum cannabis oil with every draw.


THC: 73.5% | Cannabinoids: 80.5% | Terpenes: 3.08%

Grown By: Moon Made Farms | Region: Humboldt | Release Date: 2/20


Chemistry’s single cultivar, full-spectrum cannabis products are made using small batches of whole flower lovingly grown under the sun by some of Northern California’s best (and brightest) craft cultivators. Our premium cannabis products capture the nuance of each strain we source, from flavor to effect.

Our eclectic team of insanely talented humans are united by a passion for the plant, a deep respect for the scientific method and a dedication to the subtle qualities of excellence. Oh, and a penchant for the playful. Chemistry stays true to the plant you know and love.