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  • Vape
  • Hybrid | .5g | 78.7%


It’s not the actual flower, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t actual flower :) Hibiscus from Chemistry is a cross of Hawaiian Sunrise with Gupta Kush, and will offer you a focused and relaxing experience. With pine and citrus flavors, this Hybrid vape is a perfect choice if you need relief from inflammation or muscle spasms.

Good for:

  • Date night
  • Picnic
  • Meditation

Terpenes: Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene


Chemistry’s single cultivar, full-spectrum cannabis products are made using small batches of whole flower lovingly grown under the sun by some of Northern California’s best (and brightest) craft cultivators. Our premium cannabis products capture the nuance of each strain we source, from flavor to effect.

Our eclectic team of insanely talented humans are united by a passion for the plant, a deep respect for the scientific method and a dedication to the subtle qualities of excellence. Oh, and a penchant for the playful. Chemistry stays true to the plant you know and love.