Concord Lime | Disposable


Concord Lime | Disposable

  • Vape
  • Indica | .5g | 91.51%


You’ve heard of the grapes, but now Concord is finally branching out! From Eureka, Concord Lime is a cross of Grape Stomper with Synchronicity, and is known for its focused and relaxing effects. With lime and berry flavors, this Indica vape is an excellent pick if you need relief from arthritis or depression.

Good for:

  • Unwinding
  • Counting sheep
  • Midnight snack

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene


Founded in 2011, Eureka was one of the first extractors and manufacturers in California, pioneering the vape industry and setting the gold standard for cannabis oil. Utilizing an innovative extraction process with manually operated machinery, Eureka revolutionized the cannabis vape industry with the first high potency broad spectrum oil free of cutting agents. EUREKA is proud to have always provided their customers with 100% natural oil; pesticide-free, solvent-free, and never cut or altered with MCT, PG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate. Utilizing only the finest naturally derived terpenes, EUREKA’s oil is known for capturing the full aroma, effects, and flavor profiles of your favorite strains without compromising the potency or integrity of the oil.

For nearly a decade, EUREKA has treated their customers like family, choosing to put them first above profit - providing access to clean, safe, all natural oil that you can trust, and afford!