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Jungle Jam


It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure Description!

The Joke: A) This would go great with banana bread. B) There really do be traffic everywhere these days. C) Remember that Phil Collins song from Tarzan? Now that sh*t is a jungle jam. 

The Deets: Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin is pure, unadulterated cannabis. Using their 100% solventless process, each batch of extract is clean as can be and feels just like flower. Made by crossing Josh D #10 x Jungle Rush, this sweet and tart apple hybrid is nicely balanced with euphoric effects. We highly recommend adding this tart to your cart. 

The Closer: A) You’re ready for this jelly. B) Beats the hell out of jungle juice. *shudders* C) Coming soon: Forest Fling!

Compatible with all 510-threaded batteries.

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