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Limeade | Refined Live Resin

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Stuck at home? That doesn't mean you can't still discover zest and enthusiasm during your new day-to-day routine. Exhibit A — Limeade by Raw Garden.

Lemon, lime, and utterly divine. This spicy, citrus-forward strain battles afternoon lethargy and takes you on a creative spin. Say goodbye to mental exhaustion and writer's block. In essence, it's the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Just ask Tom from Sales.

"It's a 'hell yeah' from me," - Tom from Sales.

Good for:

  • Running errands
  • Socializing
  • Creative cooking


Strain Type: Sativa

Genetics: Slymer x Koshe Chem Pheno

Flavor: Pine, Lemon, Skunk

Effects: Mood-boosting, Creative, Uplifting

Uses: Increasing productivity, Stress relief, Energy boost

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