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Biscotti | Disposable

Stick E Vape

Biscotti | Disposable

  • Vape
  • Hybrid | .5g | 69.51%


“Stick E” is right, we can’t keep this vape out of our hands! This disposable Biscotti vape is known for its body buzz and cerebral effects. A cross of Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG, this Hybrid strain has a taste of sugar and diesel. Take this Stick E Vape with you to an art museum or bring it along for a sunset drive. Pacific Coast Highway anyone?


Strain Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG

Flavor: Sweet, Diesel

Effects: Tingly, Cerebral, 

Uses: Insomnia, Anxiety relief, tension release

Stick E Vape

Stickevape born from good ole fashion American ingenuity, crafted by two SoCal brothers with first hand experience in cultivation, extraction and design. The brothers saw an opportunity to innovate and create a product that matched the pure SoCal lifestyle they lived and loved. Being authentic and pure is the core message behind stickevape.

Just like the lifestyle, the oil is pure with no additives ever. Stickevape is produced with cannabis grown in their own indoor grow facilities in DTLA. All stickevape products are tested to the highest level. You can always be assured to know where your products are sourced and that they are the highest quality on the market. The rechargeable all in one cannabis pen was created by stickevape for discreet easy use.