420 Goody Box Review

There's a subscription box for almost everything. From can koozies to air fresheners, if it's collectible, it's got a box. You can even get a subscription box for skulls called the Skulls Unlimited Monthly BoneBox!

With all the abundance of choices on the market, why wouldn’t cannabis and it’s accompanying smoking accessories be included?

Fortunately, do a simple search into the subscription box market and you’ll find an influx of subscription box options offering smoking supplies and accessories. The 420 Goody Box is very popular among these options. In this review, you'll find out all about the 420 Goody Box and how it stacks up to the Nugg Club Box.

What Are Weed Subscription Boxes?

Weed subscription boxes tend to fall into two different categories: actual boxes of cannabis products, and boxes of accessories, such as pipes, bongs and papers. The 420 Goody Box falls into this category and has delivered more than 750,000 Goody Boxes to cannabis connoisseurs. 

For Nugg Club members, their monthly subscription delivery consists of an assortment of  premium cannabis products that are always delivered in person directly and discreetly to their door. And Nugg Club products are full-size! These products include eighth of weed, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates pre-rolls and more. Subscribers can choose between sativa-dominant, indica-dominant and hybrid strains.

Even better, Nugg Club members can add extra products to their box from Nugg Club's wholesale marketplace at huge discounts of 30% to 60%!

How are the Nugg Club Box and 420 Goody Box Different?

The biggest difference between the Nugg Club Box and the 420 Goody Box is that Nugg Club delivers weed, while the 420 Goody Box focuses on fun and indie-branded goodies to enhance your smoking experience. A 420 Goody Box can be filled with anything from smoker gear to novelty items, munchies, magazines and more! 

Comparing the two subscription boxes, it seems like they are very complementary to each other! So what’s to say you can’t get them both? ;)

$225+ in value for $99(plus tax)

The 420 Goody Box vs. Nugg Club

With a good number of subscription boxes being marketed to marijuana patients and connoisseurs, it can be hard to know which one is the best option for you. A popular and well-known one is the 420 Goody Box, which is unique in its offering of smoking accessories from exclusive indie brands. Its subscribers receive a monthly case of these smoking supplies for $39.99 per month. 

Let's compare the 420 Goody Box with the Nugg Club box!


Savings Per Box


What's Included

Product Value

$99 per month

$39.99 per month

5-6 full-sized, premium dispensary products from Nugg Club partners


$5 - $45

5-9 items in a  monthly selection of smoking products and supplies from exclusive indie brands

$225 or more

$3.00 -$7.95 per month

$45 - $85

$126 or more

As you can see, the Nugg Club Box and the 420 Goody Box offer a different assortment of products overall. That being said, which is a better choice for your unique needs as a consumer?

Let’s take a deeper look into each subscription box offering below.

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The 420 Goody Box

As a recap, the 420 Goody Box is a subscription box of exclusive and indie branded smoking supplies and accessories. It costs $39.99 per month and each month you receive a surprise assortment of smoking goodies according to the Goody Box theme for the month. 

The other two subscription boxes by Goody are the OG Goody Box and the Top Shelf Goody Box. The OG Goody Box costs slightly less than the 420 Goody Box at $27.98 per month, and the Top Shelf Goody Box a good bit more at $79.98 per month. The OG Goody Box is similar to the 420 Goody Box, but provides less items than the 420 Goody Box. 

With the 420 Goody Box, marijuana patients and users are able to add some fun and novelty to their smoking experience. It’s a great way to learn about the different possibilities that you have to improve your smoking experience as well as just have fun acquiring new, novelty goodies. 

The 420 Goody Box is similar to the Nugg Club box in that the box is different every month. Rather than just receiving the same exact product selections, the 420 Goody Box curates different premium products for their recurring subscribers.

When Does 420 Goody Box Ship?

The 420 Goody Box is shipped on the 20th of each month. Once your 420 Goody Box has been shipped, an email will be sent notifying you of your tracking information. Within 24-hours your tracking information should be updated by the shipping carrier.

Nugg Club aims to get their boxes delivered within 14 days of the order, and schedules subsequent orders according to delivery preferences. 

420 Goody Box shipping is generally through USPS while Nugg Club customers receive their orders via personal delivery. It’s also important to note that 420 Goody Box charges extra for shipping while Nugg Club does not.

Exclusive Add-ons

After your first box, access add-on products for 40-60% off retail pricing. Premium organic eighths for $24? Yes, please!

Nugg Club Subscription Box

What sets the Nugg Club Box apart from other marijuana subscription boxes is its uniqueness in offerings and quality. Each Nugg Club Box consists of the highest quality cannabis, yes real weed, on the market, always in full-size for Nugg Club members. Members of the Nugg Club can also expect an awesome assortment of quality cannabis accessories and supplies such as small pipes, papers and lighters.

Nugg Club members receive their delivery in person, right to their door for just $99 a month. 

How is Nugg Club’s monthly selection of products chosen? Nugg Club has an expert team of certified cannabis curators that performs a qualification trial process for every marijuana product that is included in a Nugg Club box. It’s definitely a fun job! This process ensures that Nugg Club members receive only the best products for their money.

Some examples of the high-quality brand names you can find in a monthly Nugg Club box include, but are not limited to, Stone Road, Pantry, Eureka, Kahna, Marley Natural, Chemistry, Dreamland, and Dropout.

Kickass Value

Pay less, get more. We save you over $125 with every box. Plus, when you save on products, you save even bigger on CA cannabis taxes.  

Which Box Should You Choose?
Which subscription is right for you? What's the best choice?

While both boxes are technically marijuana subscription boxes, each box has very different monthly product selections. The Nugg Club Box contains premium marijuana and marijuana products, while the Hemper Box contains premium marijuana essentials and smoking supplies.

Truth be told, it may not make much sense to think you need to choose one or the other. Both boxes would compliment each other very well. 

A subscription to the Hemper box would get you monthly deliveries of your necessary smoking supplies and accessories, while a subscription to the Nugg Club would supply your monthly stash of premium marijuana.

Combine the Boxes for Insane Savings

So what if you were to subscribe to both the 420 Goody Box and the Nugg Club Box? As we just mentioned, both are supplying different, but equally important aspects of the smoking experience. Each box is offering its subscribers retail savings and exclusive accessibility to smoking products every month.

So how much would you save every month by holding both subscriptions? Well, the 420 Goody Box comes with an extra $85 in retail value, and the Nugg Club comes with $225 or more. Together, this can account for $310 worth of savings every month on marijuana-related purchases. And you can save even more if you have a Goody Box discount code or purchase a subscription during one of their specials.

Get Both Weed Subscription Boxes for an Insane Discount

For new marijuana patients and long time users alike, shopping for smoking accessories and products is a normal part of your life. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to know which to invest in as well as have the financial resources to try a decent array before you settle on your staples. 

These weed subscription boxes give you the opportunity to save money while giving you the ability to try a variety of products that are hand-curated for your use. Purchasing the products offered in each box individually would put you out hundreds of dollars each month..

If you were to purchase the Nugg Club and 420 Goody boxes together, you’ll have the opportunity to spend only $146.94 on over $320 worth of products!

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