Hippie Butler Review

Have you ever wished you had a butler just for your weed? Someone to pick out the best pipe and bring it to you on a silver platter? Well guess what, it's actually a thing now -- sort of :D

Weed subscription boxes are becoming all the rage, and we're going to tell you about two of the best in this review. The Hippie Butler can deliver the best cannabis smoking accessories straight to your door and Nugg Club can bring you all the weed you need.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not! Read on to find out how these two weed subscription boxes can rock your world.

What Exactly Is A Weed Subscription Box Anyway?

You may already have an idea, but it may not be clear to everyone what a weed subscription box actually is, so we'll elaborate. The idea is simple: customers pay a regular fee, often once a month, for repeating deliveries of a selection of some particular type of product--in this case, weed or weed-related products. 

Subscription boxes are incredibly popular in today's marketplace for both consumers and businesses alike. They take the guesswork and planning out of regular purchases and help customers discover new favorite products without spending endless hours wandering though store shelves under those unpleasant fluorescent lights. 

With their exploding popularity, you can now find boxes with nearly everything imaginable; tea, candy, razor blades, clothes, soap, and, in this case, great weed and weed accessories.

What's the Difference Between the Nugg Club Box and Hippie Butler?

The main difference between Nugg Club and Hippie Butler is that Nugg Club is a true weed subscription box. It delivers actual cannabis, personally curated and delivered straight to your door.

Hippie Butler, on the other hand, is more like your personal head shop. They don't deliver weed at all. They just deliver weed paraphernalia. Their subscription boxes come with a completely different variety of pipes, papers, bongs, lighters and other smoking essentials that are specially tailored to fit your cannabis needs.

Do you prefer to roll blunts? They got a box for that. Like bongs and glass wear? Try the Masters Club mix. Want a variety of different products, the Butler Box has a fun variety every month.

Even better, you can create custom boxes. Just select the basic box you want to start with:
Rollers Club for $15.99
Butler Box for $39.99 or
Masters Club for $139.99

Then choose whether you mostly smoke dry blends like flower and shake or concentrates. For step 3, you'll choose between essentials boxes for newbie smokers, or themed boxes for the smoker who has everything they want but still want more ;)

In your final step you can even enter a Hippie Butler coupon code if you have one and viola! A new Hippie Butler is born! Get them both, and it's like having your cake and eating it too!

$225+ in value for $99(plus tax)

Hippie Butler vs. Nugg Club - A Head-to-Head Comparison

Hippie Butler offers its subscribers several different choices of monthly cases of smoking supplies and glass pieces from anywhere between $1 - $139 per month.

Nugg Club offers $225 worth of 6 - 8 premium, full-sized marijuana products for just $99 per box.

So how does Hippie Butler stack up compared to Nugg Club?

Let's find out!


Savings Per Box


What's Included

Product Value

$99 per month

$1-$139 per month

5-6 full-sized, premium dispensary products from Nugg Club partners



Bongs, glass pieces, wraps, flavored papers, raw papers, glass bowls, torches, lighters

$225 or more

Free, $20-International


$126 or more

Ultimately, the Nugg Club box and the Hipper Butler boxes are both great deals. As far as biggest savings, it's hard to beat Nugg Club's overall savings, but it might be worth it to get both boxes because they go so well together.
Let's find out what's in each weed subscription box to see why.

No commitments. Cancel anytime.

The Hippie Butler Subscription Box

The Hippie Butler boxes are cannabis subscription boxes that contain smoking supplies and accessories. From anywhere between $1 to $139 per month, subscribers will receive a monthly shipment of such products such as rolling papers, lighters, torches, glass pieces, cleaning supplies, and other necessary supplies.

Subscribers can choose one of the four possibilities of the Hippie Butler box. Not only that, but you can also choose your preference in terms of what comes in the box: rolling papers, hemp wraps, pre-rolled cones, grinders, lighters, rolling trays, cool gifts and even signs and posters.

All of their selections can be selected individually, or the customer can choose bundles that are specially designed for certain uses. One of their simplest selections is the clear cone and pipe bundle for only $10.99. The pipe is the very simple basic class pipe with a carburetor near the bowl, but it's very nice looking and so are the cones. 

They also have very elaborate and expensive bundles like their Dabby Christmas bundle that's currently on sale for $92. This bundle features a 14" beaker, quartz angled banger, UFO Carb Cap, a glass dabber, rolling tray, silicone container and a Christmas Story 5" Dab Pad. That's a pretty good price for the product.

Hippie Butler comes with different products every month. Their subscribers can count on their boxes being consistent in their quality.

When Does Hippie Butler Ship?

Hippie Butler ships Monday through Friday, and most orders ship within 48 hours of being placed on a weekday. They don't ship on weekends, so if you order on a Friday, your order might not ship till next Monday or Tuesday.

Exclusive Add-ons

After your first box, access add-on products for 40-60% off retail pricing. Premium organic eighths for $24? Yes, please!

The Nugg Club Box

The Nugg Club box is a one of a kind marijuana subscription box, as it's packed with full-sized, top-shelf, marijuana products of the highest quality.

Nugg Club members enjoy their choice of eighths of top-shelf cannabis, prerolls, edibles and vape carts with the occasional other goodies thrown in.

Members get pure luxury with the Nugg Club at a ridiculously low price of $99 for more than $225 worth of premium products. 

These true weed subscription boxes are filled by a team of curators according to each customer's preferences. Every month, they thoroughly vet new products and only select the best. Yes, it's very fun.

Some of the brand names you'll find in your Nugg Club boxes are Marley Natural, Chemistry, Eureka, Kahna, Dreamland, Stone Road, Pantry, Jetty Extracts, Viola, and Dropout.

In addition to these awesome hand-curated selections, Nugg Club also lets customers choose to add as many products as they like (up to the legal limit) from their wholesale add-ons market. This exclusive market, available only to members, features products that was contained in earlier boxes at huge discounts of 30% to 60%. Customers can order any product on the wholesale site whether they personally received it in a previous box or not.

It's safe to say that this deal is impossible to beat!

Kickass Value

Pay less, get more. We save you over $125 with every box. Plus, when you save on products, you save even bigger on CA cannabis taxes.  

When Does the Nugg Club Box Ship?

Nugg Club generally delivers your first box within about 14 days of your initial order. Each fulfillment after that ships at the customer's preference. You can choose once a month, every other month or even quarterly if you're a light smoker.

Nugg Club boxes arrive via personal delivery directly to the customer.

Which Box is Better, Nugg Club or Hippie Butler?

This depends on whether you're looking for marijuana or for smoking accessories. If you seek real, top-shelf, premium marijuana products, then Nugg Club can't be beat. If you're looking for whimsical and useful smoking accessories, then Hippie Butler is an excellent value.

Of course, some customers prefer edibles or topicals to flower and concentrates. There's no need for smoking/vaping accessories in those cases. But for the true bud connoisseur, there's nothing nicer than having a box full of premium smoking accessories available to hand when your Nugg Club Box arrives! 

So, if you were to get both, how much would you be saving? Well, the Hippie Butler box comes with up to $60 in retail savings or more, depending on what's purchased, and the Nugg Club comes with $126 or more in savings, depending on how many add ons are chosen. 

Combined, these boxes can provide huge savings every month on your marijuana necessities that you'd be buying regardless.

Why Not Get Both Boxes for Unreal Savings

Why bother going to expensive dispensaries and head shops when you can have it all delivered straight to your door for a fraction of the price? It's like having your cake and eating it too!

How could we not to take advantage of a deal like that?

Sign Up With Nugg Club Today!

The final verdict is that Nugg Club's a no-brainer! Amazing savings, a selection of hand-picked premium products, and personalized delivery customized to your preferences… that’s a value-packed offer! 

If you’re ready to sign-up and get your next batch of cannabis goods delivered to your door, head over to Nuggclub.com today!


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