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best dab torches

Dabs are a popular, more recent entrant to the cannabis consumption space. Extracted cannabis oils, the source for dabbing, is a booming market compared to the previous year. With its popularity seemingly sticking around, you may want to try dabbing for yourself if you haven't already. If that's the case, you may want to get a dab torch to start.

What is a dab torch?

A dab torch is a propane or butane torch lighter used to heat your rig's glass, ceramic, titanium and quartz bangers, as well as dab straws. 

Offered in various sizes, the best butane lighter for dabbing is a small-to-midsize handheld torch. Smaller butane lighters can work in a pinch. Avoid buying a larger option that'll torch dabs and possibly your surrounding area when turned to full power.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is consuming cannabis on a substantially higher level than most other methods. Using an array of extracts, including rosin, budder, wax, shatters and scores more, dabbing has become a fixture in recreational consumption spaces and for many medical consumers. The extracted oil offers a much more potent THC dosage with a dab, often exceeding 90%. 

Using extracted cannabis oil, also known as concentrates, consumers place portions of the oil on a heated nail or banger to take a hit. 

Best dab torches 2021

Now that you know the basics, here are some of the Nugg community's top choices for dab torches in 2021. Rated highly for safety, temperature control, and size, these tools are ideal for new, casual, and veteran dabbers alike.

Errlybird Torch Art Butane Torch 

ErrlyBird's torch is as powerful as it is colorful. Cordless and complete with a safety flame lock feature, the ErrlyBird's quick ignition system makes dabs just about as efficient as they can be.

Blazer Pencil Torch PT 4000  

Discreet, portable and sleek, the mini Pencil Torch lives up to its name while offering an adjustable flame just about anywhere you want to dab. 

Special Blue Purple Haze Butane Dab Torch

The Purple Haze dab torch comes equipped with automatic ignition and adjustable flame that works at any angle.

Cinderwitch Triple Jet Flame Torch

Three jets and an adjustable flame make Cinderwitch's Triple Jet perfect for any nails, providing even heat for any concentrate.   

Newport Zero Mini Butane Torch

Any Newport will do, but the double flame Z-Zeus stands out. Stunning in silver or rose gold, the dual flame comes with an auto-ignition and extended burner head ideal for cannabis or an array of other tasks and hobbies.

How to use a dab torch

Now that you have the best dab torch for your rig, it's time to put it to use. Those familiar with butane lighters of most sizes shouldn't have any issue safely handling a dab torch. If this is your first time, or you need a refresher, you can follow these steps for taking a dab hit:

  • Step 1: Light the torch, aiming it directly at the nail. Look for the nail to turn red when using a manual rig nail. E-nails won't require a torch and will heat on their own. 
  • Step 2: Once red hot, turn off the torch and let the nail surface cool between 10 to 45 seconds, depending on the nail's material. Check this article out to learn more about determining the best temperature for your quartz nails and other options. 
  • Step 3: Place your extracts directly onto the cooled but still red hot nail using a dab tool or dabber. Rotate the dab tool once on the nail to minimize wasting oil stuck onto the dabber. 
  • Step 4: Once on the nail, place your dab rig's carb cap over the nail, allowing the smoke to begin accumulating. 
  • Step 5: When ready, remove the cap, consume the smoke and enjoy the results.

It's essential that you heat but never burn your extracts. Heating the nail too hot can lead to combustion, resulting in unpleasant-tasting hits and potentially harmful toxin consumption. 

A different temperature is recommended depending on the concentrate used. Overall, more heat is needed from your dab rig's torch to vaporize stickier extracts. Wax and crumbles typically vaporize around 400F and 500F. PHO and BHO need more heat to melt, typically around 500F to 700F. Meanwhile, shatter, and concentrated oils can require 700F to 800F to sufficiently vaporize. 

How to refill a dab torch

Bad news: Your favorite torch for the dab rig is out of butane. 

No sweat, newcomers! Your favorite fuego source doesn't have to get put out to pasture upstate with all of our childhood puppies. With a small butane can, you can learn how to refill your torch for more dab seshes. Here's how you do it:

  1. Turn off all burners and gas flows.
  2. Hold your torch or place it on a surface upside down. Look for the small tab at the bottom to open your dab torch's refill port, then open it. 
  3. With the cap on, shake the butane canister. Then uncap and insert its nozzle into the dab torch’s refill port. Give the canister a gentle but firm squeeze, causing the butane to fill into the torch's port.
  4. The port should fill in a few seconds. Once satisfied, cap the port. Then, use a paper towel to wipe off the nozzle and the torch for any remaining gas. Allow the torch a few moments to settle before using. 

Keep safe when using flammable butane gas. Refill your torch in an open or well-ventilated area, and handle its contents with care. Do the same when managing your torch, keeping it well-maintained, free of clogged airways, and store it away from other heat sources. 

What are the dangers of dabbing?

Additional lab analysis is required in just about every facet of cannabis at this point. Early research into dabbing and scores of anecdotes have given us some idea of the current landscape. Dabbing, while fun and effective, has its concerns. 

Unlicensed products can include "dirty" oils that contain residual chemicals or solvents. These substances can be harmful or even fatal when consumed. In 2019, the deadly EVALI lung crisis was caused by illicit market vitamin E acetate added to unlicensed vape carts. 

We are still finding out what, if any, long-term effects dabs have on a person. And, in the short term, too much THC can leave you feeling disoriented and impair your judgment. High potency THC consumption, often reaching over 60 percent, can do a number even on seasoned consumers. As such, consider starting with a small dab and assessing how you feel before taking another hit in 30 or 45 minutes.

As mentioned before, your dab torch can also pose a significant risk if you aren’t careful. Use caution when handling anything fire-related. Immediately turn off your torch after heating. Some dabs can literally knock people on their butts. If it happens to you, you'll want to ensure that no fires rage on while you catch your breath. Some smart steps to avoid such an outcome include:

  1. Turning off the torch and placing it in a flat, upright position before taking a hit.
  2. Only take a hit when sitting down.
  3. Use the buddy system--consider never dabbing alone.

How to heat glass dab nails without a torch

You can learn how to dab without a torch, but the effort isn't typically worth it. The outcome is often less enjoyable and more labor-intensive. Even if a lighter can heat a concentrate to 350F or higher, it will take significantly longer than a dab torch that uses a more focused flame. The result of using a dab torch is a hit that wastes less concentrates without torching the terps. 

So, even if you learn how to heat a glass dab rig nail without a torch, it's probably not worth the return on your time and effort. 

Like a torch, dab rigs aren't a necessity either. Dab pens make dabbing without a rig or torch both easy and more portable. Additional dabbing tech has hit the market in recent years, indicating that the popular method will only further diversify in the future. 

Tips for choosing a dab torch

Here's what to consider when searching for the best dab torch for your rig. 

Safety Features 

Look for a safe butane torch with a plug for the refill port to avoid any leaks. Some torches also come with an auto-lock feature.

Temperature Control

Each concentrate requires its specific heating temperature. Some may suggest using a lower temperature around 350F, but some prefer the higher temperatures, which may require a more robust dab torch. Look for a torch that allows you to control the settings for ideal vapor production. If you can't find a dab torch with temperature control, consider one that provides quick heat while keeping an extra watchful eye on its temperature. 

Gas Used

Butane and propane are the most common options for dab torches. Some believe that butane is superior because it has less of an effect on the oil's taste and aroma while avoiding higher, more intense temperatures that may cause harmful toxins and carcinogens to form. 


As rig sizes shrink, so too does the need for larger torches. Find a suitable dab torch to match your rig. Most will do fine with a 3" to 4" torch, but larger setups can use a more powerful torch. In most cases, small torches should be used for only small (30mm or less) nails. Medium works on any nail but isn't as efficient as a larger torch. 

As always, dab safely. Choose the suitable torch and temperature to provide you with a high dose of THC. And consider dabbing with a buddy nearby and a torch with some safety features to back you up. 

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