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A kief box is a box with a mesh screen in it.

Kief, known for potency when puffed, refers to the resin trichomes found after sifting cannabis flower with a screen or sieve. Because they are so concentrated, they provide potent effects, and due to their granular or "crystalized" nature, they can be enjoyed anywhere from a joint to a delectable infused meal.

Typically when grinding your bud, you'll note that the trichomes will fall into the bottom chamber. These bits are worth salvaging. That's where kief boxes come in, as they ensure you can amass a nice collection while keeping your trichomes well-protected.


What is a kief box?

A kief box is a box with a mesh screen in it. The mesh screen sifts the trichomes from your flower and collects them in the bottom section of the box. The function of a kief box is two-fold:

1) Kief boxes passively collect the kief that naturally falls off of your buds.

2) You can also make a quick batch of kief by shaking your buds over the screen.

This is called mechanical hash extraction. It may seem counterintuitive to knock the trichomes off your nuggs before you smoke them, but there's still a lot of THC in your buds--even after the kief falls off. Additionally, the trichomes that would otherwise be caked into your weed grinder now have a home in the bottom of your kief box so you can use them when you want.


What are the benefits of kief?

Kief is a concentrated source of cannabinoids, meaning its potency is unmatched due to the purity of the product. It's especially known as a favorite for medical users who need more potent concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Kief's also great for anyone who wants to minimize their smoke inhalation since you don't need to smoke as much to get a benefit and don't need to inhale burned plant matter. With just a sprinkle, you can increase the potency of flower in a bowl or joint. 

If you like to be more experimental, you can use it to make hash, moon rocks, or rosin; or add it to your favorite baked treat or hot beverage. For the DIY-er, nothing can compete with the fact that you can make it yourself! 

Note for beginners: Kief potency can range up to 80%, so take caution and care when enjoying.


Is a pollen box the same thing as a kief box?

Essentially, yes. As long as the box has a top compartment for flower and a bottom compartment to collect the kief, with both compartments divided by a screen, you're set.


How do you use a pollen sifter box?

Pollen sifter boxes capture the trichomes that would typically fall off your buds or get stuck in your grinder. You can then press them into tablets using a kief press, or you can sprinkle them back onto your bud to increase potency.


What is the best micron screen for kief boxes?

If you want high yield and don't mind lower potency, opt for larger micron screens. If you want high potency and don't mind low yield, opt for smaller micron screens. Kief screens generally range between 60 and 120 microns. The smaller the number, the smaller the screen holes; and the smaller the hole, the finer and more potent your kief. 

With smaller holes, you'll also have smaller yields. People who opt for the 60 microns will yield higher potency kief and sacrifice yield while using up to 120 microns will provide less potent, lower quality, but higher yield. Ultimately, it's up to your preference and how you anticipate enjoying it that will determine your best kief box.


Best Kief Boxes 2021


RYOT Glass Top Box

If you want to show off your care for your kief, look into the RYOT Glass Top Box.

If you want to show off your care for your kief, look into the RYOT Glass Top Box. With a window specially made to make your kief visible while also well-protected, this option keeps your collection contained with its removable storage divider and magnetic closures while still aesthetically pleasing. The quality is not left solely to appearances, though; a monofilament screen and glass base tray are included to ensure expert pollen collection that will last. This box is sized at 4x7 inches and 1.625 inches deep and offered in both Walnut and Natural finishes. RYOT delivers on its $49 price tag.

Price: $49

Material: Wood with Glass Top

Dimensions: 4x7x1.625D inches

Screen type/materials: 100 Micron Monofilament screen

Other relevant information: Available in 2 finishes: Natural and Walnut. Magnetic Closure. Glass top for visibility and glass base tray for collection.


Oregon Rootz

Oregon Rootz's entire Kief Box collection brings an artisanal touch to your stash.

The homemade nature behind Oregon Rootz's entire Kief Box collection brings an artisanal touch to your stash. As a family-run woodworking company since 1998, they've expanded to have a diverse array of options to suit all kief collection needs. Sizes range from small (the Pocket Gold Miner is just 3 x 2 x 1.75H inches) to large (the largest Starbox is 12 x 12 x 3H inches). Their boxes may be simple or elaborate, and ready-made or custom. 

What remains consistent across the board is the care given to the materials used. The hardwood is often locally sourced, and the glass is frequently recycled from replaced windows. The 83 L.P.I. 203 micron silk screen provides easy and clean separation and guarantees you're receiving a quality limited-edition item. And each box features an individually numbered handwritten wood label. 

While you cannot order directly from their site currently, you can reach out via email and request it be sent to your local shop for free, where you can complete your purchase. Their extensive gallery, along with their customer service, provides enough detail about every option they carry to help you determine which Oregon Rootz Kief Box is best suited for you.

Price: Contact seller for details

Material: Original Gold Miner: Local hardwood and bamboo inlay; Baltic Gold Miner: Baltic Birch; Baysick: Baltic Birch and recycled glass (Glass option only); Cube: Baltic Birch and recycled glass (Glass option only); Starbox: Baltic Birch and recycled glass (Glass option only); Ultra Slim: Local hardwood and recycled glass (Glass option only)

Dimensions: Vary per style, with numerous options available for each

Screen type/materials: 83 L.P.I. 203 micron silkscreen

Other relevant information: Most options are available for various kief collections. Unable to order directly; must email to request at your local vendor. Custom options are available. Made in small batches and authenticated with serial number on the product.


Black Leaf Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box | Small

This Black Leaf Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box makes kief collection easy!

This Black Leaf Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box makes the kief collection process as easy as possible! Featuring a fine nylon mesh screen, the pollen sifted will land onto a brown glass plate that can easily slide out for clean accessibility and visibility. 

Black Leaf prides itself on its quality craft as well, noting the natural beech hardwood construction of the top and bottom layers mixed with pine wood in the center for a beautifully crafted storage and sifting system. Magnetic closures keep your collection conveniently contained. At 6 x 4 inches and with a storage compartment that's 1.5 inches deep, this small box will provide you with years of kief-making fun for just $39.99.

Price: $39.99

Material: Beech Hardwood and Pine Wood

Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.1 x 2.75 inches

Screen type/materials: Nylon Mesh Screen

Other relevant information: Magnetic closure and pull-out glass tray.


IAI Corp Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box

The IAI Corp Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box is a great budget option at $10.

If you're looking for an option that's easier on the pocket without sacrificing quality pollen sifting potential, then the IAI Corp Wooden Pollen Sifter Kief Box will do you well. The box is a conveniently sized square option (4x4 inches) in a dark wood finish. 

The magnetic closures are kept as a standard for comfortable protection and easy access, but the screen is very different. IAI Corp opted for a metal pollen screen instead of nylon. Metal screens allow kief to fall through the mesh more cleanly, with less clinging to the edges of the mesh holes. At just $10, this kief box serves as an excellent entry point for your collection.

Price: $10.00

Material: Dark Wood

Dimensions: 4x4 inches

Screen type/materials: Metal Screen

Other relevant information: Magnetic closure. Recessed surfaces for rolling and mixing.


Colorado Stashbox: "The Estes Park Kief Box"

The Estes Park Kief Box by Colorado Stashbox features justify the The Estes Park Kief Box by Colorado Stashbox is on the higher end of the cost spectrum, priced at $89.99. However, the features offered here justify that cost. This kief box is of the highest quality. The wood is recycled Colorado Aspen, with brass hinges and latches, and a medical stainless steel 100-micron screen that promises longevity with the most effortless clean-up experience. 

It also challenges its competitors by offering the deepest pollen box size at 8" x 7" x 4" H, and the pollen sifter can hold 2-OZ; a 2-OZ screw-top tin is also included with purchase. The frameless tray helps fill your container quickly and ensures that no bit of pollen is lost or left behind. Best of all, custom engravings are available for an additional $12.99.

Price: $89.99

Material: 100% recycled Colorado Aspen, brass hinges, and latches

Dimensions: 8L X 7W X 4H inches

Screen type/materials: Medical Stainless Steel 100-Micron Sifter

Other relevant information: Latch closure. Frameless tray and 2OZ screw top tin for maximum collection results. Custom engraving available.


How to make a kief box out of a cigar box

If you'd rather embrace the DIY nature behind kief and make a kief box that meets your personal needs and aesthetic, here's a simple guide:


  • Cigar box of your choice
  • A mesh screen with the micron size of your choice...just make sure it's bigger than your box so you can cut it to size. Metal screens are easier to cut than you think, and they make a superior material for sifting kief.
  • A 1" by 1" piece of light softwood, like balsa, long enough to cut into 8 pieces to make two frames for your screen
  • Two very small knobs or drawer handles; or alternatively, two screw-in hooks, like the type often used for picture frames
  • Non-toxic wood glue 
  • A miter saw
  • Clamps large enough to fit over your wooden frame


  1. Open the cigar box.
  2. Measure the inside of the box so you can cut and fit two identical frames that will sit inside of the box, one sitting on top of the other. Don't make the fit overly-snug or you'll have trouble pulling the assembly out when you want to collect your kief.
  3. Cut and assemble the two frames to size. They should be identical.
  4. Stretch the silkscreen tightly over the top of one frame and clamp it in place.
  5. Bond the mesh to the frame with glue. 
  6. Glue the other frame neatly on top of the assembly, with the screen sandwiched between the two frames.
  7. Screw the knobs, handles, or hooks into the top of the frame assembly on the left and right sides to act as handles, so you can lift the screen assembly out of the box when you need to collect your kief.
  8. Place the frame in the box with the handles facing up and viola! You have a fully functional kief box. 
  9. When you want to collect your kief, just lift the assembly out by the handles and scoop up your kief from the bottom of the cigar box.

If you choose a nice-looking cigar box, it will make an eye-catching kief least on the outside. The inside look will depend on how pretty you choose to make your inner frame. 

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