The 5 best THC vape cartridges in 2021

Andrew Ward

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Vapes and their accompanying weed carts are some of the market's most popular items. 

Rich in flavor and high in cannabinoid content, weed carts represent one of the best bang for your buck options. A THC vape cartridge is not only popular because of its potency and often decent price. Carts are also beloved for their discretion and, depending on how it's extracted, ability to retain the plant's profile.

With a slew of options, you may be unsure of which is the best weed vaporizer for you. Have no fear; we’re here to help you get started.

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And if you don't live in the SoCal area, sign up for the waitlist! We'd love to have you on board when we can! Now, without further ado, here's the best CBD edibles of the year. Now for the list! These are some of the best THC vape cartridges in 2021. 

The Selection Criteria

“The best” is certainly a subjective term. To avoid any personal bias, we used straightforward criteria to list our top picks, composed of:

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. User experience
  4. Customer Policies
  5. How to contact the brand


Alpine's vape carts come in sativa, indica and hybrid.

Alpine's vape carts come in sativa, indica and hybrid. Their award-winning triple distilled oil is lab certified and free of diluting agents for a pure experience. 

One of the biggest pros for Alpine is that they have a strain for every mood. Each type comes in several strains. 

Their sativa, known for its classic high, comes in:

  • Tangie, 
  • Jack Herer, 
  • Super Silver Haze, and 
  • Blue Dream. 

Hybrid strains include: 

  • GSC, 
  • OG Kush and 
  • GG #4. 

Their indica strains are: 

  • True OG, 
  • Grandaddy Purple, 
  • Northern Lights and 
  • Skywalker. 

A minor downside is that the cartridges use a wick, which isn't as efficient.

Still, they typically have a 4 out of 5 ratings across platforms and the oil is well-made and worth the affordable price. Unfortunately, they don't have a clear return policy on their website, so it's best to contact your trusted dispensary. You can contact Alpine Vapor here or purchase these carts with your Nugg Club Box on their wholesale marketplace if you live in Los Angeles or the Bay Area.


Pure is a leader in cannabis.

Pure is a leader in cannabis, offering CBD and THC vape cartridges and disposable pens, among many other products. 

The company aims to live up to its perfectionist billing using methods like triple oil distillation. They believe that once consumers try Pure, the search for the ideal cart is over. Most reviews seem to agree, noting that Pure helps them relax without hurting their wallets. One reviewer said that Pure is excellent for new patients just as it suits someone more experienced. 

The majority of reviews were positive, but there were some reports of leaky products. Most of these reviews came from several years ago. Still, it's always best to be careful and store your carts in a cool, dark place, standing upright and out of the battery when not in use. 

You can find a range of additional information on Pure's site, including clear information about its product testing. The company has a 15-day return and exchange policy. Contact for more information.

Cobra Extracts

Cobra Extracts use CO2 instead of harmful solvents.

Cobra Extracts makes this list because its CO2 oil is created without using any harmful solvents and then purified using their innovative cold refining process. The end result is a pure, all-natural, beautiful amber oil that feels like honey. This process results in an exceptionally high terpene level, giving the oil a balanced, smooth flavor that doesn't leave the original quality and flavor of the bud behind like other processes do.

All products are third-party tested, with the results printed on the label. They never "cut" their oil with fillers. It's just pure, simple oil with the potency and cannabinoid content clearly listed on the label. They regularly use 12 popular strains for their oil and rotate out unique strains as they become available. 

It's no wonder this brand won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2018. There aren't really any downsides to this quality cartridge. Whichever flavor you choose will be bursting with the aromas of the original bud.

You can contact Cobra Extracts here. There isn't much information about their return policy, so it's best to reach out to your dispensary if you have issues for faster resolution. 

Friendly Farms

We love Friendly Farms for their full-spectrum live resin.

We love Friendly Farms for their full-spectrum live resin. A major bonus for this product is their CCELL hardware, which provides a clean, reliable, and very FULL hit. With just enough trace CBD to buffer that heavy hit, the cannabinoid profile contains much of the same profile as the original bud. It's almost as flavorful as hitting a dry-herb vaporizer, yet still in a discreet and portable pen.

The only downside to these cartridges is that some consumers actually find their flavors too strong. Most hard-core cannabis consumers like to experience the complete flavor profile of the plant, but consumers that like a more mellow inhalation experience might want to opt for Pure instead.

You can purchase Friendly Farm's vape carts here, and learn more about their product here. Returns are processed through retailers. 

Raw Garden

Raw Garden's Kosher Chem is sublimely flavored.

Raw Garden's flavor profiles are even more intense than Friendly Farms vape carts. There is no artificial flavor and nothing added in the process that masks natural terpenes like other brands. This cart is as close to the plant as you can get and still be vaping oil instead of herb. 

Downsides? NONE. Their Kosher Chem is sublimely flavored. The faint hints of herbal tea, citrus and spicy wood come from the terpenes themselves, not added ingredients. The taste experience is similar to drinking a well-made wine. 

THIS is how concentrates should be. 

You can find Raw Garden's vape carts with Nugg Club and learn more about the product on Raw Garden's website.

What to look for when buying a THC Cartridge

There's a range of factors to consider when picking the best weed vaporizer for you and your needs. You have to consider design, price, quality, durability and any other "wow" factors that may arise. Though, always prioritize the plant profile and its cannabinoid content. No matter how cool or sleek a pen is, it doesn’t mean anything if the cart’s contents fall short. 

Choose a product that's not only potent but one that is made properly. Today, a range of products are offered, some made with solvents and others solvente-free. While some products may contain distillate, others will only use the oil extracted from the source material. In the case of non-THC cartridges, flower, particularly hemp, may be sourced from another country, which could concern consumers seeking a domestically sourced product. 

When deciding, be sure that you're making the final decision and not letting a budtender or salesperson steer you. Many budtenders are helpful, but some are looking to push certain products over delivering you the best experience possible. So, while you should ask all the questions you want, don’t let anyone tell you what you need, be it for medical or personal reasons. 

Tips for using a THC Cartridge

Using a THC cartridge is pretty much like any other cannabis product. When not in use, keep your carts stored in a cool, dark place away from UV light exposure. Carts do require a bit of additional care. To avoid leaks, detach your cart and store it in an upright position until ready to use again. 

Sometimes a cart may jam. It happens even to the best of them. Proper storage methods should cut down on this risk, but jams and blocks still occur. In those cases, consider hand-rolling the cart, using your body temperature to thin the oil to be inhaled. In more difficult cases, consider taking several short pulls of your pen, which could heat and help unclog your cart.

And as always, start low and go slow. Carts are incredibly potent, tripling the strength of flower in many cases. Start with a small amount, assess how you feel 30 minutes later and go from there. No need to overdo it! 


Every person’s preference varies. What we say is the best weed carts may not be yours, but these tips should help you track down your own favorites as well. 

THC vape cartridges come in a variety of forms, allowing you to choose the right one for you. No matter what you consider the best weed vaporizer or cart, be sure to consider the pros and cons of each experience. Find one that suits your needs and budget--and don't forget to choose a company that supports its consumers. Even the best products go south sometimes. It never hurts to have a helpful company if that time ever arises. 

But above all else, enjoy yourself and be safe. Carts can pack a punch. So, take your time and enjoy the experience. You can find these carts and many others at Be sure to check out their new $49 monthly subscription box! With 2 - 4 products valued at over $80 delivered monthly, it's a bargain for those who usually can't finish the 5 - 7 products that come with Nugg Club's standard-sized box, valued at over $220 for just $99. Whichever option you choose, you'll be granted access to unlimited wholesale-priced add ons, including California's best vape pen brands. 

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