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highest thc products

We don’t blame you for wanting to find the highest THC cannabis products out there. Here at Nugg Club, we also love to discover new high-THC products that can put a smile on our faces while knocking us on our asses. 

Today, we’re looking at nine of the highest potency flower, vapes, extracts, and edibles we have featured in our Nugg Club boxes. And find these and other highly-rated cannabis products in our members-only wholesale add-on menu.

highest THC cannabis products on Nugg Club

How does high THC affect your high?

Think of cannabis like a roller coaster. The higher the percentage of THC, the longer and more intense your high (or ride) will be. So while an average preroll may be akin to a quick ride at the local fair, the selections on our list are the equivalent of the Goliath at Six Flags in LA.

So, if you are searching for those strains, edibles, or concentrates to really knock your socks off, keep scrolling!

Highest THC Strains & Prerolls

Nugg Club’s strain selection may change from month to month, but we always have numerous high-THC strains available on our menu. If you can't find something on this list, try sorting our add-on menu by THC.

Nugg Club add-on menu

One final thing before we get started: if you really want to maximize the high from these strains, be sure to use a gravity bong when you smoke – trust us. :) 

Vaya | Luna Roca Moonrocks (Hybrid) | 54.98% THC

Luna Roca moonrocks

If you're looking for premium quality nugs that maximize feelings of relaxation, calm, and meditative bliss, the Luna Roca Moonrocks from Vaya may be up your zen alley. These Moonrocks, as the name suggests, are coated in high-quality hash oil and then dashed with kief. Luna Roca rocks are well known for their piney scent and relaxing body high. For those cannabis connoisseurs that want to kick back, relax, and listen to their favorite music – Vaya moonrocks are for you. 

Northern Emeralds | Legendary OMG (Hybrid) | 38% THC

Northern Emeralds Legendary OMG

Northern Emeralds is a cannabis cultivator driven by one simple idea. That is, to grow the best possible marijuana plants ever. In doing so, they have been able to produce some of the highest THC flower there is, truly stretching the limit of what is physically possible in cannabis plants. This is all thanks to their constantly evolving, innovative methods maintained by a team of smart, reflective, and devoted professional farmers and craftspeople.

This team, embodying a rich history and deep knowledge of cannabis cultivation, is responsible for one of Northern Emeralds' best strains: Legendary OMG. And the name is no simple hyperbole. At 38% THC, this strain will have you saying "OMG" as it reaches the potency stratosphere. Higher THC percentages are all but impossible without adding concentrates or kief. You take one puff of this gassy, funky exemplary nug, and you'll know this is the stuff of legends.

Roller’s Delight | Old School OG Dime THCa Infused Preroll (Indica) | 45.04% THC

Roller's Delight Old School OG

As the name suggests, these Roller's Delight pre-rolls are for the cannabis OGs. What you may not realize, however, is that OG here also stands for Ocean Grown. These high THC pre-rolls are pure indica joints meant to put a new spin on classic Southern California strains. Old School OG pre-rolls are also infused with THC concentrates, kief, and THCa, which explains the high THC percentage. Keep an Old School OG pre-roll on hand in case you ever need quick chronic pain relief or a powerful relaxation boost.

Highest THC Concentrate & Vapes

While all the above strains are certainly some of the highest THC cannabis goods out there, they can't quite beat THC vapes. Good thing you’re about to read the highest THC concentrates and vapes available through Nugg Club.

Cream of the Crop | Super Sour Diesel Badder (Sativa-Hybrid) | 97.51% THC

Cream of the Crop Super Sour Diesel Badder

Cream of the Crop THC concentrates truly are some of the most exclusive, luxurious, premium cannabis concentrates in California. Every product is carefully crafted by some of the most passionate experts in the industry with a deep reverence for the essence of remarkable marijuana. Nugg Club members will find that these THC concentrates are packed with fragrant terpenes, amazing flavors, and a smooth draw.

One of our favorites is the cross of Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. This gassy Sativa extract is rich in terpenes, specifically Nerolidol (for a relaxing sedative effect) and Caryophyllene (for a euphoric mood boost). This terpene profile, along with its high THC content, makes this Super Sour Diesel Badder perfect for both creative endeavors and relaxing leisure days.

Heavy Hitters | Durban Poison Vape (Sativa) | 94.35% THC

Heavy Hitters Durban Poison Vape

Heavy Hitter vapes are some of the first premium, high THC vapes in the California market. Their carts are only made with the finest cannabis and ingredients, which means that Nugg Club members can always rely on the purest, highest quality vaping experience.

Durban Poison is a popular Sativa strain originating from Durban, South Africa. It's well known in the cannabis community for its uplifting, motivating, and energizing experience. Durban Poison is also beloved for its notes of citrus and pine.

Kurvana | Northern Lights Vape (Indica) | 93.6% THC

Kurvana Northern Lights Vape

While the Heavy Hitters is great for boosting your mood and energy, if you're looking for a high THC vape best for kicking back and chilling out, get ready to transcend with Kurvana. Their remarkable high THC Northern Lights Indica vape is packed with sweet notes of pine and flowers. We personally recommend pairing Northern Lights with stargazing, sound baths, and counting sheep. :)

This Kurvana vape is part of the company's ASCND™ line, a series of vapes that emphasizes high-potency, single-origin cannabis strains that can deliver its robust effects with pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Highest THC Edibles

You may be reading this list and asking yourself, where's the love for potent edibles? Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about them. We hope you're ready, though. Some of these high THC edibles are no joke. Be sure to dose correctly to enjoy responsibly.

Keep in mind, we've selected the following edible products based on the largest single dose intake. Nugg Club carries a broad range of other edible products, including CBD edibles and microdose options, if these don't suit your fancy.

Tip: For edible newcomers, we recommend starting small and working your way up to find your perfect dose. Begin with 5-10mg, wait 1-2 hours, then go from there. :) 

LEVEL | Protab 100 (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid) | 100mg THC / tablet

LEVEL Protab 100

First on our list is the Protab 100 by LEVEL. LEVEL is a cannabis company dedicated to custom marijuana experiences for both medicinal and recreational users. Hailing from San Francisco, LEVEL uses unique and rare cannabinoids for a characteristic flair. LEVEL customers usually discover an untapped and novel possibility of cannabis they were otherwise unfamiliar with.

LEVEL’s Protab 100 is a fast-acting and discreet way to enjoy a professionally made and potent edible dose. As the name suggests, they are swallowable tablets that come in 100mg dosages designed to elicit a calming, tension-relieving high. Rest assured, LEVEL offers a lower dosed option if you’re wary of diving into the 100’s (which are best reserved for highly experienced edible consumers).

Big Pete’s | Double Chocolate Cookie (Indica) | 100mg THC / cookie

Big Pete's Double Chocolate Cookie

For those consumers who want powerful flavor alongside their high THC, Big Pete's Double Chocolate Cookies will really hit the spot. Founded in 1979 in Santa Cruz by Big Pete himself, the company has since grown steadily with the mission to produce the highest quality cannabis edibles with consistently delicious flavor and potencies. Big Pete soon moved to Hawaii, where his cultivation and culinary skills flourished. Not long after the medicinal marijuana bloom, Big Pete's Treats quickly became a staple of the top-shelf edible world. With numerous contest wins and awards, you can find Big Pete's treats at nearly 400 dispensaries in California (and in our very own Nugg Club boxes).

At 100mg per cookie, and made with high-quality indica strains, Big Pete's Double Chocolate Cookie is an express ticket to a blissful and sedative slumber.

Each cookie is made using Cannabutter and Canna Oil. And infused with 100mg of top-quality indica extract, there's plenty to go around! Share one of these cookies with your friends or significant other during a relaxing movie night.

Oasis | Peanut Butter Cups (Hybrid) | 20mg THC / cup

Oasis Peanut Butter Cups

Finally, don't sleep on one of our favorite high-THC edibles. Oasis has transformed one of the most beloved candies (the Peanut Butter Cup) into a potent yet delicious THC treat. Oasis edibles are plant-based and free of GMOs. They are also made with 65% cacao and made from Fair Trade Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate.

At 20 mg THC per cup - and too tasty to eat just half - they pack a punch. You'll find yourself entranced both by the deliciously smooth chocolate flavor and the sedative body high that comes from their sun-grown cannabis strains. They're also perfect for sharing with friends or family (but you may not want to). 

Each package comes with four Peanut Butter Cups at 20mg apiece, for a total of 80mg THC.

Find high THC strains and cannabis products fast.

If you're looking for a consistent source of the best, top-shelf high THC products (like the products above), look no further than Nugg Club subscription box. Every month, our cannabis experts hand-select every product in our boxes to ensure that our members are delivered the best possible cannabis experience, tailored to their specific strain and product preferences. The best part? You can reorder those products at a wholesale price from the add-ons menu, plus discover new ones exclusive to Nugg Club. Happy exploring! :)

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