How to Make a Gravity Bong

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Do gravity bongs get you higher? Yes!

Gravity bongs are a DIY consumption classic in the cannabis community. Today, these beloved pieces can still be made using homemade items, or more recently, purchased from innovative, professional-quality brands. 

The price of a gravity bong varies immensely depending on the type chosen. Regardless of your pick, you can expect to consume a highly potent hit. 

Before diving in, let's explore both sides of the gravity bong aisle, touching on everything from their likely effectiveness to possible health concerns. 

What is a gravity bong?

A gravity bong uses negative pressure to pull smoke into a chamber and then positive pressure to propel that smoke into the lungs. Also referred to as a geeb or grav bong, most are familiar with gravity bongs made from household objects. 

While you can make one from alternative objects, most geebs use two empty plastic bottles to create the chamber and bucket. Instead of cooling the hit like some water pipes, a gravity bong uses the water to create a seal for the chamber and then helps propel the smoke towards you, producing an impact that many devices can't deliver.

Ok, but how does a gravity bong work?

Gravity bongs submerge much of the smaller chamber (with a bowl of pot in the cap) into a larger bucket filled with water. The smaller chamber is often made by cutting the bottom from a 20-ounce soda bottle, while the larger bucket is made by cutting the top off a 2-liter bottle.

The chamber is submerged into the water just short of the bowl. When lighting the bowl, slowly begin to pull the small bottle from the water. This will create negative air pressure in the smaller bottle as long as it's still sealed on the bottom with the water's surface. It will start to fill with smoke like you would see in any other bong. 

When ready for your hit, uncap the lid. Then, place your mouth over the bottle's opening like you would during a regular bong rip. Now, to consume the smoke, push down on the bottle, forcing the smoke into your lungs. For less force, let the bottle fall back into the water on its own rather than push it down. Use your hands to keep the small bottle upright on its descent. 

Why is the gravity bong more effective?

Gravity bong proponents often cite how their preferred method of consumption uses less pot while delivering equal or more substantial effects than other glass pipes and other smoked options like joints. The claim can be backed up to a degree, with gravity bongs pushing condensed smoke for more substantial hits.

There is the time-saving factor as well. Since grav bong hits tend to be larger, the need for packing and cleaning in between is lessened. You won't have time to read Crime and Punishment with your saved time, but at least you won't be cleaning as much. 

Still, keep in mind that a gravity bong's more significant hits can also throw you for more of a loop than usual. Plus, thick smoke can be harsh on even a veteran consumer. Speaking of harsher hits, while water is involved, your hits aren't chilled as they would be with a bong or other water device. So, if you choose this consumption method, be mindful of your lungs and throat even more than you might in other consumption situations. 

Do gravity bongs get you higher?

Yes. The concentration of the smoke consumed often makes people report feeling higher faster than when using other devices. In many cases, one gravity bong hit can total the same amount as a bowl in just one pull. 

As such, use a bit of caution. Be it a DIY piece or a top-of-the-line contraption, each packs a punch full of THC content. Newcomers and those with lower tolerances may want to hold off on giving a geeb a try until they're comfortable with higher doses of THC.

Are gravity bongs unhealthy?

Gravity bongs are no more unhealthy than any other type of cannabis smoking, at least when using a professionally made product from food-grade materials. Today, most professionally made products use materials safe for cannabis consumers. Consumers don't appear to face potential health risks other than possible effects from significant smoke and THC consumption. 

That isn't always the case when using DIY materials. Aluminum used for bowls is the primary concern. Smoking with aluminum is never a wise decision, as it allows you to consume the chemical polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET). When heated, chemicals are released, leaving the consumer to take in the same substances used to make plastic. 

Additional research is needed to verify these concerns, but it's always a wise decision to avoid consuming chemicals. Use caution when you can. 

How to make a gravity bong without foil

Making a gravity bong without foil is simple. 

To build a bong that's aluminum-free, have ready your: 

  • Bowl cap made from glass or other food-safe materials (consider using the bowl from your bong)
  • Smaller bottle/chamber 
  • Cap for the small bottle
  • Larger water bucket/bottle 
  • Drill
  • Knife or scissors

Once you have everything in place: 

  1. Drill a hole into your cap, allowing your bowl cap to fit snugly in the hole, making an air-tight seal
  2. Cut off the bottom of your smaller bottle. No additional cutting is needed if using a water bucket. If you're using a larger bottle in place of a bucket, cut off its top, making the bottle resemble a bucket. 
  3. Fill your larger bottle/bucket with water without coming close to overflowing--half to three-quarters of the way should be fine. 
  4. Remove the cap and bowl, placing your smaller bottle into the larger bottle/bucket, cut-off side down. Fill the bowl with ground flower.
  5. Once in place, cap the small bottle with the bowl inserted into the drilled hole.
  6. Begin lighting the bowl. As you do, slowly pull the small bottle from the water, leaving the cap on. This creates a vacuum in the smaller bottle as it's pulled up from the water's surface and sucks smoke from the bowl into the bottle.  Don't pull the smaller bottle all the way out of the water, or you'll lose your seal.
  7. Once the smoke fills to your desired level, uncap the bottle. Place your mouth over the opening. Push the bottle back into the water, or allow it to fall back down on its own, depending on the force of the hit you prefer. The smoke will shoot out through the top.

What is the Cookies Gravity Bong?

Gravity bongs were once strictly DIY devices, but that's changing thanks to partnerships between powerhouses like Cookies and Stündenglass

Their gravity hookah/bong is a piece of art, allowing hits to be performed with a mere flip of the chamber. Not only does it feel cool to perform a gravity bong flip with every hit, but it also cuts down on setup time compared to DIY options. 

Using borosilicate glass globes and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum safe for smoking, the patented Stündenglass gravity bong includes a 3-foot silicone hose and a 45-degree adjustable mouthpiece. 

How much is it for a gravity bong?

It depends on your budget and preferred setup. The DIY route can cost you as little as $5 to obtain all the parts. That said, you'll also need to factor in the sweat equity that comes with building and setting up your homemade grav bong. And, once a piece gets dirty, it's often time to toss it away, which happens often. 

If you desire a more professional setup, then be prepared to spend a bit more. The collaboration between Cookies and Stündenglass will run you around $600. The high price point could deter many, and rightfully so. That said, a higher price point and a quality company mean your bong should last for some time. With regular cleaning and careful use, a professional piece can last years without any issue.  

Overall, there is no wrong answer to which gravity bong is best for you. That is, as long as you use a well-constructed product made with safe materials. As long as that's the case, have fun and enjoy. 

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