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Shopping for cannabis is no longer just about finding the best products. What is becoming increasingly important is finding products and brands that align with noble efforts and causes. Ultimately, we all live in communities we want to see thrive, and one Earth that we call home — the companies we support should support that, too.

Here at Nugg Club, we take this sentiment to heart. We're not only dedicated to providing our customers with the best cannabis products at great discounts (although we are very proud to do so). We also strive hard to ensure our boxes help create a better world — particularly by raising awareness around the unjust, widespread harm on thousands of individuals from the war on drugs. Every step of our business is committed to restoring power for drug war survivors, along with preserving the environment and our biosphere.

We're not simply dedicated to providing our customers with the best cannabis products at great discounts (although we are very proud to do so). We also do our best to ensure our boxes help create a better world. We are especially concerned about the unjust and widespread harm the war on drugs has done to countless individuals and communities. And we’re committed in every step of our business to preserving our environment and biosphere.

We think our subscription box speaks for itself. But it’s our efforts behind the scenes that we’re most passionate about. As such, we wanted to highlight all the different ways we’re committed to supporting the cannabis community and those who’ve suffered from unjust prosecution. 

So, let's get to it! 

How is Nugg Club Cannabis Delivery Saving the Environment?

Nugg Club cannabis delivery saves the environment

While our customers are certainly smoking the green, cannabis companies have, unfortunately, not always been the greenest or most eco-friendly. But it doesn't need to be this way. Nugg Club is working to fix that. Here's how:

Smarter Delivery

Nugg Club subscriptions are 90% more efficient than the average delivery service or cannabis subscription, saving over 250,000 lbs of CO2 emissions every year. 

How do we do it?

Many comparable cannabis delivery services run multiple, smaller locations spread over a wide area. In doing so, they generate more GHG emissions because of the energy requirements of these locations. Nugg Club saves an enormous amount of energy by operating out of a single building. And thanks to our efficient delivery logistics, we also reduce the average distance our drivers travel, thus reducing daily gas usage. Considering transportation accounts for nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, this is no small feat. 

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Nugg Club packaging was designed to be eco-friendly. All of our subscription boxes are made out of 100% recyclable material. Not only that, the illustrations and graphics on these boxes are printed with nontoxic soy-based ink. Our lid is even designed to double as a rolling tray, saving you another purchase (and excess material). And we’re actively working to reduce our box size, decreasing waste even further.

On top of our direct efforts to protect the environment, the very nature of a cannabis subscription box actually significantly cuts back on waste. Instead of buying several different products, each with its own packaging and associated waste, our cannabis products are consolidated in our monthly boxes. 

How is Nugg Club Fighting for Equality?

Nugg Club fights for equality

It's no secret that cannabis, especially in the United States, has had an ugly history. For several decades, there was strict prohibition. The War on Drugs has upended millions of lives, with a disproportionate and devastating impact on people of color. While the tides are now changing towards legalization, this does not undo the great harm that's been done - and continues to be done - in our nation. 

As a cannabis company, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to support social change and to repair those communities most affected by previous marijuana policies. 

Supporting The Last Prisoner Project

One of our commitments that we are most proud of is our support of The Last Prisoner Project. The Last Prisoner Project is a social justice organization dedicated to helping free those who have been imprisoned for cannabis-related offenses. They are also heavily involved in the effort to reschedule cannabis on a federal level. 

In 2021, we launched our Schedu1e brand of premium flower to raise awareness among consumers and donate a portion of all proceeds to the Project. Learn more about Schedu1e and The Last Prisoner Project.

As a part of our Schedu1e brand launch, we designed a custom Nugg Club box that included insert cards with information about the Project and ways consumers can support the organization. Each of the products included in that month's box showcased minority-owned companies (women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC). Many of the featured companies also made direct donations to The Last Prisoner Project.

Supporting Underrepresented Groups + Women & BIPOC Owned Brands

Since the legalization of cannabis, there has been growing criticism over the mass of people sentenced to decades of prison time for something that is now making others rich. 

In an effort to try and counteract this injustice, Nugg Club supports and promotes cannabis brands owned by underrepresented groups. For instance, we feature LGBTQ-owned brands during Pride Month, Hispanic-owned brands during Hispanic Heritage Month, Black-owned brands during Black History Month, along with Women-owned brands around International Women’s Day.

We also make regular donations to LBGTQ groups and minority business owners in the industry. Additionally, our dedicated Social Justice Committee helps us find new brands and social equity groups to support.

Finally, we spare no effort in extending social awareness to our customers — including letter-writing campaigns, blog articles (like this one), or highlighting POC-owned brands. 

How is Nugg Club Helping Drive Responsible Industry Growth?

Nugg Club leads the cannabis industry

We firmly believe that there's room for everybody in the cannabis industry. Of course, the current market doesn’t always reflect that. That's why Nugg Club prioritizes contributing to responsible industry growth. 

Our goal isn’t to crush the competition, but to rise above it through great offers, service, and community efforts. We want you to choose Nugg Club because it delivers a positive experience, not because you lack other options. Embracing this virtue not only influences our staff and customers but other brands in the industry as well. 

Demonstrating Responsible Business Practices

Nugg Club isn't a company whose sole focus is profits. We are dedicated to the idea of growing in the most sustainable way possible — environmentally AND economically. Why? Because we know this is the best way to benefit the consumer, the market, and our planet. 

Lifting Up Smaller Brands

If you look more closely at the cannabis industry, you'll find that the marketplace is simultaneously crowded but also dominated by a handful of companies. We aren't trying to take anything away from these iconic brands, but we believe there are dozens of smaller companies with amazing cannabis products that deserve greater visibility among consumers. That's why we always work to lift up these smaller brands in our monthly Nugg Club boxes. In this way, we do more than just deliver cannabis: we serve our customers like that trusted friend who recommends a new band or restaurant (or strain) that quickly becomes your favorite.

How is Nugg Club Supporting Cannabis Consumers?

Nugg Club supports its customers

Last, but certainly not least, Nugg Club is dedicated to supporting cannabis consumers everywhere, not just our customers. Of course, all of our efforts as a single company can only stretch so far. This is why supporting the larger cannabis consumer community is a vital piece of our mission to bring about a better world. Here's how we do it: 

Better Consumer Education

One of the most effective ways to support cannabis consumers is by building up educational resources for both recreational and medical users. It's often the case that consumers may not be aware of the various causes or initiatives that they would otherwise want to support. 

Thus, Nugg Club continually raises awareness through feature subscription boxes, donation endeavors, letter-writing campaigns, and articles on our blog. 

Easier Access to Better Products

Nothing says support quite like expanding consumer access to the best cannabis products available today, including those from minority-owned and local brands struggling to gain the visibility they deserve. Not only are the product selections phenomenal, but the price is too!  

Supporting Medical Cannabis Access (Not Just Recreational)

Finally, we pride ourselves on expanding access to medical cannabis, in addition to the discovery of new products. Our sister company, NuggMD, is fundamentally dedicated to making it easier than ever to obtain the medical evaluations necessary to obtain an MMJ card across the country in states like California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, and more!

It takes a village.

As the old saying goes, it really does take a village to make a change, especially when we're talking about changing the world for the better. Our efforts may start with us, but they don’t end there. The passion our customers bring to these endeavors is how we save the planet. Address injustice. Make a difference.

You can help us achieve our social and environmental goals by becoming a Nugg Club member. Or use the links below to learn how you can support many of the brands and organizations that are close to the hearts here at Nugg.

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