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Live reson carts are made from fresh or flash frozen cannabis, not cured.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a high-quality THC extract made using CO2 or butane to extract trichomes from fresh flash-frozen cannabis. By sourcing the cannabis concentrates from fresh plant matter instead of cured/dried material, more of the original terpenes are preserved in the final extract. 

Since live resin has more terpenes, it's usually more malleable and runnier. Live resins can range in color from light gold to deep amber, but, ultimately the color will vary along with its terpene content. 

What are live resin carts?

Live resin carts are prefilled vaporizer tanks that contain live resin instead of oil. Generally speaking, most people who use live resin simply dab it like any other concentrate. However, in recent years, live resin vape carts have become popular because of their ease of use.

How good are live resin carts? They're fantastic if you're into the entourage effect! This is because live resin has a cannabinoid profile closer to that in the original plant matter. Proponents of the entourage effect believe that cannabis is more than just THC. They believe that to get the full benefit of cannabis, we need to ingest all of the plant's cannabinoids and terpenes together.

Live resin carts vs. normal carts

Are carts with live resin better than carts with traditional vape oil? In this case, it depends on whether you're going for a stronger THC concentration or whether you're into the more subtle terpenes and other cannabinoids. Live resin tends to be much higher in flavorful terpenes than vape oil, but quality vape oil tends to have higher concentrations of THC. 

There's more to potency than THC, though. The total cannabinoid content of Raw Garden Live Resin Carts, for example, hovers between 87% and 93%. This is a good thing. A cart that contained 95% THC or higher wouldn't have room for all those delicious terps!

How does live resin compare to other concentrates?

Live resin, generally speaking, is much more flavorful than other forms of concentrates derived from cured cannabis. Not only that, but live resin will usually have a wider variety of cannabinoids within it.

The potency of live resin is not always consistent. It ultimately depends upon the potency of the plant strain it is derived from. This is also the case for other types of concentrates. 

You can find many concentrates with under 50% potency and others that are 85% or higher. THC diamonds, for example, can be up to 99.9% THC. Nevertheless, most high-quality live resin vape carts are in the 85% to 95% THC range. 

Live Resin vs. Live Rosin

Live resin is a very similar concentrate to live rosin, but the crucial difference lies in the extraction process. Live rosin contains trichomes that are extracted from rosin with heat and pressure. Live resin, on the other hand, is manufactured using a solvent such as CO2 or butane.

Both live resin and live rosin concentrates meant for dabbing are available to you. Besides live resin cart products, you will usually find live resin and rosin sold in budder, sugar, jelly, sap, and shatter forms.

How to choose the best live resin cart

When choosing a live resin cart, you should be looking at the balance of both terpenes and cannabinoids found in the live resin. For example, products with 99% pure cannabinoids don't leave any room for the terpenes responsible for the flavor and aroma. This means that if you care about the taste of your dabs, you shouldn't be looking for the highest possible potency but total cannabinoid content and terpene content as well. 

You should also take into consideration what terpenes are dominant in the live resin carts in question. These will give you a good idea of the flavor and effects.

Low-quality cartridges are typically made with simple plastics that leach chemicals into your concentrates. These plastic carts can also trap the terpenes inside.  They may also contain impurities such as propylene glycol or glycerin which can cause allergies in some users while diminishing potency and taste. 

High-quality cartridges, on the other hand, (the ones you'll find sold in dispensaries) are made using glass, metal, or ceramic and are sealed well and free of any potentially dangerous chemicals. For the sake of your health and peace of mind, you should only purchase your live resin carts from reputable sources that can provide lab tests results with every cart. 

How to use live resin carts

Using live resin carts is much more straightforward than dabbing concentrates, but there are still important things to keep in mind. You must be mindful when inhaling concentrates. THC extracts are significantly more potent than flower. 

1.) Always take gentle draws. If your lungs are hurting or burning after taking a rip, you're overdoing your draw. A modest and ideal hit can be inhaled without much coughing. 

2.) Manage your dab temperature. Try to find a vape pen that allows you to adjust the temperature and start with the lowest temperature possible. From there, you can raise the temperature as necessary.

3.) Unscrew live resin carts when not using them. Be sure to always store them in an upright position in a cool, dry place to avoid accidental breaks or leaks. Removing the cart from your vape pen after use also prevents potential leaks from ruining the pen. 

Most people who use live resin carts will do so because they're an easy and convenient way to use live resin. Not only that, they're incredibly discreet. 

Best live resin carts 2021

Kind Concentrates Live Resin Carts

One of the most popular live resin carts is made by KIND. These live resin vape pens are strictly strain-specific. Each one is created from the entire cannabis plant flower. The flower is flash-frozen soon after being harvested, allowing the maximum number of cannabinoids and terpenes to be preserved.

Cresco Live Resin Carts

The motto of Cresco is "Nothing Added. Nothing Taken Away." This is the philosophy that goes into the manufacture of their live resin carts. Their claim to fame is they derive their liquid live resin from a single, premium marijuana strain. Like other companies, they harvest and extract cannabis at its freshest. Cresco live resin carts are available in three different strains, sativas (for maximum energy and creativity), hybrids (for clarity and balance), and indicas (for calm and relaxation).

Bloom Farms Live Resin

Bloom Farms launched in 2014 with the stated mission to provide the best quality marijuana products possible. They strive to promote the responsible use of cannabis for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. They also donate a meal to someone in need for every purchase. 

Keep in mind that the Bloom Farms carts are made for the PAX ERA vape pen. 

Brite Labs Karma OG Live Resin Carts

Brite Labs is devoted to setting new standards for marijuana products. Their products are made from sun-grown cannabis flower sourced from the top cultivators in the state. They have a range of 100% cannabis extracts & concentrates (including live resin carts) made in small batches. 

Absolute Extracts Live Resin Carts

AbsoluteXtracts is committed to providing its customers with the best, purest, and most potent cannabis concentrates. They're a hugely popular trend-setting brand. Their ABX Live full-spectrum live resin concentrates are sourced from fresh, hand-selected cannabis flower. Their hydrocarbon extraction process preserves the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the cannabis flower, allowing their carts to highlight each unique growing season. 

Raw Garden Live Resin Carts

Raw Garden provides ready-to-use live resin vape pens high in THC and rich in the natural terpenes and aromas of cannabis. The company makes their concentrate products from plants grown with their very own seeds to ensure they're using only the best possible plants. Their unique cryogenic freezing process pushes the terpene capturing to its very limits, so their carts can lock in as much of the original cannabis plant cannabinoids as possible. When you inhale a hit from a Raw Garden Live Resin cart, you can rest easy knowing you are inhaling nothing but cannabis oil and terpenes. There's nothing else added, no flavoring, no added terpenes, nothing but pure live resin. 

Select Elite

Select is well known for its supreme quality concentrates. Now, they're offering the same level of quality in live resin carts with their Select Elite Live Resin vape carts. They're available in a wide variety of strains, from sativas, indicas, and hybrids. The infusion of live resin terpenes, of course, allows the strain-specific effects to be more potent. So, for instance, the sativas will be more stimulating and indicas more relaxing. 

Botany Farms Delta 8 THC Live Resin Cartridge

The Live Resin Delta 8 THC vape carts from Botany Farms are probably among the best and most unique live resin carts on our list. These carts are capable of providing a much milder effect than typical D8 THC carts. Like other live resin carts, Botany Farms flash freezes their cannabis plants before extraction, eliminating the need to add any terpenes to the final product. When using these live resin carts, you'll find ample flavors of citrus and sour apple upon the inhale. The exhale, on the other hand, is comparable to the very same fresh earth that Botany Farms cultivates its plants on. 

By combining live resin extract with Delta-8 THC distillate, the company has created a unique and balanced blend in their live resin carts. All of the live resin they use is made in small batches to ensure the highest possible quality. 


Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts is one of the THC extract veterans of California. They've perfected the removal of potentially harmful additives and have set the standard on clean THC vaping. Jetty can make such high-quality live resin carts because the company doesn't cut any corners. Whether it be during the growing, extraction, testing, or distribution process, they're devoted to producing the perfect marijuana product.

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